These 7 Home Trends Are Poised to Be Huge in 2018

Hooray! It’s time to usher in a new year, and with it, a crop of inspiring new ideas across home design. So what is looking hot for 2018? These seven fresh, clean, gorgeous trends have taken over our Instagram feed and, in turn, our heart. New Year’s resolution #1: Implement in our own home immediately. 

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Textured wood walls, both of the refined variety (see the fabulous custom moldings above) and the rustic (yup, we’re still talking about shiplap), are slowly but surely replacing statement wallpaper as the premier way to outfit an accent wall. Psstif you don’t have the budget (or inclination) to add wainscoting in your dining room, you can fib a millwork feature with architectural wallpaper.

Minimalist Canopy Beds

From traditional to modern and everything in between, designers across the style spectrum are looking to dark, slim princess beds to outfit master bedrooms. Why? Well, because the strong lines punctuate a space, making a dramatic statement while still keeping the vibe super open and airy. 

Banquette-style Dining

There’s no denying it: 2018 is the year of the cozy, hybrid-seating situation. Built-in banquettes maximize floor space and seating capabilities, and from a style perspective, announce that a home is casual and comfortable. The way we see it, it’s a natural reaction to the high demand for open floor plans. 

Domino-toned Kitchens And Baths

The matte-black-everything trend is still going strong, and in 2018, we’re expecting to see the moody colorway paired with bright, icy whites. Crisp and clean, it mirrors the long-on-trend minimalist Scandinavian ethos—while still packing major design punch. 


Girlie girls, rejoice: After being maligned for decades, Grammy’s chintz is back and chicer than ever. Major textile houses like Schumacher and Colefax and Fowler are reviving old-school patterns, and with the help of social media, designers are sharing their thoroughly modern interpretations (and inspiring us to do the same). 

Bucket Sinks

Blame the modern farmhouse madness, but bucket sinks are having a major moment. In addition to their durability and space-saving qualities, we also love their pleasingly sinuous silhouette for powder and laundry rooms. 


If 2017 was the year the inside went out (hi, oriental rug on the patio), 2018 will go down as the year that outside came in. First up? Garden-inspired trellis work on walls, mantles and ceilings. Why we love it? It offers great texture, arresting subtle patterning and it’s fresh as, well, a backyard oasis.