9 Brilliant Decorating Ideas We Bet You Never Thought Of

It’s no secret that revitalizing your home can actually make you feel revitalized in return. (Remember how happy that new bedspread made you?) Since we’ve been craving a shake-up, we checked out the Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse, a historic townhome recently transformed top to bottom by some of the design industry’s biggest talents. Below, nine fresh ideas we plan on copying in our own homes tout de suite.

Join Us In Ogling This Gorgeous and Space-Savvy Apartment

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c/o Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse

Fill A Fireplace With Leafy Greens

Non-working fireplace on your hands? Make the setup come alive by adding a large, frilly fern. Bonus points for accenting your new pet plant with smaller potted greens on the mantlescape.

Design: Deborah Berke Partners; Photography: Chris Cooper

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c/o Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse

Add Wallpaper Trim To The Kitchen

Such a fun way to inject a pop of personality into the most utilitarian room of the house.

Design: Ciuffo Cabinetry; Photography: Anastasios Mentis

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c/o Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse

Consider Sculpture In Unexpected Places

Like atop an armoire. Or beside a desk lamp. On a pedestal in front of a street-facing window. Or heck, why not all of the above? 

Design: Glenn Gisler Design; Photography: Gross & Daley

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c/o Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse

Use Xxl Mirrors To Open Up A Space

Yes, yes, we’ve definitely sung the praises of this trick before. But the lightening, brightening, enlarging effect of a massive circular mirror is truly remarkable.

Design: Jennifer Eisenstadt Design; Photography: Marco Ricca

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c/o Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse

Use A Folding Screen Instead Of Wallpaper

Same concept as removable wallpaper, only multi-dimensional, super-sophisticated and with zero application necessary. How chic is this decorative screen used as a fake-out accent? 

Design: Kathleen Walsh Interiors; Photography: Rikki Snyder

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c/o Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse

Create A Kid Wall

When corralled on one neutral, oversize canvas (and preferably draped in a festive pom-pom garland), a collage of kiddie drawings becomes a streamlined, personalized piece of art to add to your collection. 

Design: Bella Mancini Design; Photography: Ball & Albanese

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c/o Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse

Paint Pattern On The Ceiling

In this charmingly busy, garden-themed dressing room, the trellis detailing on the ceiling is definitely the talking point.

Design: Henry & Co. Design; Photography: Marco Ricca

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c/o Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse

Flank A Window With Sconces

Sconces typically go on an interior wall, away from the natural light source. But we’re actually loving how this placement creates a frame and enhances the window’s drama, height and airiness. 

Design: Seaport Flowers & Home; Photography: Rikki Skyder

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c/o Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse

Decorate Your Closet

OK, we know a spare closet is a luxury afforded to very few. But how completely rad is this attic art installation? At the very least, consider it your motivation to do that much-needed closet purge.

Design: Fearins Welch Interior Design; Photography: Rachael Stollar

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