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Decorating a teeny high-rise apartment presents unique concerns: How to make a blank box in the sky feel cozy? Where the heck to put a shoe collection? Where the heck to put dinner guests? Which is why we’re so enamored by spaces that marry coziness with problem-solving. Case in point: This graphic pad by Kevin Clark of Homepolish. Join us in strolling through the ogle-worthy interiors—then promptly copy its small-space solutions. 

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faux home tour 5
Daniel Wang for Homepolish

Don't Fear the Dark

Black doors and walls? Won't that make a small space feel even smaller? On the contrary, elements like this glorious bedroom door actually help the room feel taller by creating a strong silhouette and sense of unity. Can we also get an amen for this rad sliding door configuration, which has zero outward footprint? (Talk about a space-saver.)

faux home tour 3
Daniel Wang for Homepolish

Use Black To Create Drama

Matte black also works its magic in the apartment's small bedroom, where an ebony accent wall cum oversize faux headboard creates a moody canvas for floating bud vases and geometric mirrors. 

faux home tour 2
Daniel Wang for Homepolish

Camouflage Imperfections

In the kitchen, Clark swathed a damaged back wall in black paint to hide scuffs and fissures. In addition to making the low ceilings feel taller by contrast, this also allows the splurgy marble backsplash to take center stage. 


faux home tour 9
Daniel Wang for Homepolish

Carry A Theme Throughout

Fun fact: The inspiration for this home's domino-toned design was the owner's love for old-school typography. We love that this concept comes across both visually and literally.



faux home tour 8
Daniel Wang for Homepolish

Keep Things Bright With Airy Furniture

To maximize that 18th-floor natural light, Clark skipped window treatments and white-washed the formerly cringe-worthy lilac walls. Most important: He kept furniture slender and sleek. (Peep the wall-mounted media center, which adds visual floor space and tons of breathing room.)

faux home tour 7
Daniel Wang for Homepolish

Use Oversize Pieces To Establish Boundaries

When it comes to delineating "rooms" we're really feeling this wall-flush étagère, which separates the living area from the dining area (in lieu of predictable end tables or a closed-off seating arrangement). And while we're talking about the living room, note how the owner's oh-so casual Emmy shines against the sparse, tailored bookshelves.

faux home tour 6
Daniel Wang for Homepolish

Sneak In Extra Seating

A major challenge for this one-room wonder? Providing enough seating for entertaining. Here, Clark went with petite ottomans (tucked discretely under an entryway desk and bedroom vanity), lightweight kitchen island stools and, best of all, the clever "window seat" behind the dining area that also hides an unsightly radiator.

faux home tour 4
Daniel Wang for Homepolish

Remember There's Always Room For What You Love

Think you can't fit a sit-down makeup vanity in your small bedroom? Think again. A luxurious, ladylike vanity was this client’s number one must-have for her itty-bitty bedroom, and Clark accommodated by using creative space-savers elsewhere (see: floating shelves in lieu of nightstands). The apartment also had a generous pre-existing closet space (bless). 

faux home tour 10
Daniel Wang for Homepolish

Make A Memorable Exit

We can’t leave without mentioning the warm pops of pink that truly make the space feel like home. Our favorite touch? The unexpected cotton-candy color of the front door. Swoon.

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