8 Ways to Refresh Your Bathroom for $100 (or Less)

Ugh, your bathroom needs a makeover, but you’re saving for a vacation to Paris (or, you know, new tires). Here, eight tiny refreshes—with a big payoff—that you can do on the super cheap.

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You Could Repaint Your Vanity

It’s amazing how much a fresh coat of paint—especially in a bright hue—can do to transform a small space. Just be sure to sand down and prime the surfaces first (especially if your vanity is currently a darker shade) and choose a color that’s bold but still a neutral. (Hey, you don’t want it to compete with your towels.)

Get the look: Behr Flush Pink Satin ($34/gallon)

Or Put Up Temporary Wallpaper

The best part about removable wallpaper is just that: It’s removable. If you’re sick and tired of paint or just want something that’s a bit more graphic and eye-catching, this is an easy way to reinvent your bathroom for less. But just like with regular wallpaper, exact measurements count.

Get the look: Chasing Paper and Kate Zaremba Bright Eyes Removable Wallpaper ($59 per 24 inches by 48 inches)

You Could Splurge On Strategically Placed Greenery

No need to go overboard, but resting a low-maintenance planter box on the back of the toilet or edge of your tub is a low-cost way to create a spa-like vibe. Pick plants (like aloe vera or a Boston fern) that crave the humidity—and don’t require a ton of light.

Get the look: Gronomics Succulent Rectangular Pot Planter ($27); Home Depot Assorted Succulents ($18)

bathroom refresh rug
Urban Outfitters

Or Simply Pick Up A New Bath Mat

The cheekier the better. We promise it will make your whole bathroom pop.

Get the look: Urban Outfitters Magical Thinking Tiger Bath Mat ($34)

bathroom refresh table
Coco Kelley

You Could Invest In A Tiny Table For Toiletries

Nestle it in the corner right next to your tub for totally chic access to your towel (and favorite scented candle) when you take a bath. Bonus points if it’s a foldable—and space-saving—style. 

Get the look: IKEA Norraker ($35); ATG Bamboo Foldable Stool ($20)

And Upgrade Your Lighting

Something as simple as attaching a clip light to your windowsill can give you ambiance options when you’re washing your face at the end of the night.

Get the look: Nuvo Lighting Goose Neck Clip-On ($27); Target Gold Lamp with Wood Base ($45)

bathroom refresh shelves
Joy Adores

You Could Install Your Own Shelves

OK, so maybe you don’t have a perfect spot above your toilet, but what about that tiny nook between the wall and your tub? Or that spot beside your sink? Scope out your bathroom for a place where extra storage would be useful, then install a few floating shelves. 

Get the look: IKEA Ekby Hemnes ($23/shelf)

bathroom refresh flowers

Or Just Splurge On Some Colorful Flowers

In the right vase, they’re a style game changer. And if you shop your supermarket for the stems, you could get away with spending only $8 to $10 a bouquet.

Get the look: West Elm Simple Vases ($19) 

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