How to Hang Sweaters So They Don’t Take Up Your Entire Closet

Love sweaters but hate how much space they take up? Same. Luckily, it turns out there’s actually an easy way to hang sweaters that won’t compromise their shape or take up a foot of valuable closet storage.

Anna De Souza, Mercari’s (you know, the app that makes it really easy to sell your stuff) chief stylist, stopped by this editor’s closet to jumpstart an “out with the old, in with the new” cleanout and offered some helpful tips along the way. For one, she explained that you don’t have to fold your sweaters to protect their silhouette. (Note: It stretches out the shoulders if you hang them like normal T-shirts.) Instead, you can follow these four—well, really three—steps.

1. Fold Sweater in Half Over Hanger

Fold your sweater in half horizontally over the base of the hanger (as demonstrated in the video above).

2. Drape One Sleeve

Take the right sleeve and fold it over the base away from your body.

3. Drape the Second Sleeve

Take the left sleeve and fold it over the base toward you.

4. Marvel at All the Space You’re Saving

Notice how compact your sweater now looks on a hanger and repeat.

De Souza notes that the folding technique makes sweaters “a little more compact and not as puffy,” and we have to agree. In fact, the organization hack saved this editor about three feet (read: I have too many sweaters) of closet space…which was promptly filled with new clothes. Whoops!

Marie Kondo would be proud because this sweater hanging tip definitely brings us joy.