The 7 Most Beautiful Garden Trends of 2017

With “Greenery” as Pantone’s color of the year, the tone has quite literally been set for a major move outdoors this spring. But how to best update your own slice of paradise in 2017? Get inspired to fall in love with your garden anew, with these seven rising trends.

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Soft Romance

Romance, in the form of sweet ruffles, dramatic volume and a sea of pink, was all over the Paris runways this season. And this nostalgic aesthetic is carrying over into the garden. Expect to see focal plantings move toward a more lush, color-blocked look, with blousy blooms like peonies, garden roses and full-bodied tulips as top sellers.

Frank Oudeman/Ohlhausen DuBois Architects

Wild Lawns

Footloose and fancy-free is the motto this year, with landscapers seeing an increase in asks for natural-looking mixes that don’t need to be mowed often (think prairie-esque lawns and grounds, tall golden grasses, even wildflowers, depending on topography and climate).

Marian Boswall Landscape Architects

Pollinator Gardens

Did you know that bees and bugs are responsible for pollinating a whopping 75 percent of all the world’s plants? And that populations are dwindling? Colorful pollinator gardens (beds filled with insect-attracting pollen blooms like butterfly bush and cosmos) are not only beautiful; they’re also an easy, actionable way to help a challenged ecosystem.

Gunn Landscape Architecture

Statement Planters

This spring marks a shift away from curated container gardens. In their place: One-pot wonders with a single, showstopping planting (think: citrus trees, oversized boxwoods, or lush lavender).

Rock-centric Naturalism

Much like the food movement, gardens too are moving toward the natural, sustainable and locally sourced. Expect to see an abundance of rock gardens, boulder accents, mixed organic materials and overgrown elements.

The Garden Design Company

Floral “grout”

Diminutive blooms and pretty greenery are popping up between pavers this spring. Consider this water runoff-friendly solution your shortcut to secret-garden chic.

Outdoor Opulence

From lush textures to soft upholstery to outdoor fun and games (bocce court, anyone?), outdoor entertaining spaces will be much more deliberate, dramatic and geared toward a life spent alfresco this season. Sounds good to us!

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