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The Closet Cleanse Trick You Havent Heard Before
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“But this might be good for a costume party.” “But I might lose 15 pounds.” “But bubble tops might come back in style.” “But my future granddaughter would look so cute in this!”

Enough already. We hereby vow to no longer stock our closets with clothes for hypothetical situations and start dressing for today. And we’ve got a nifty little cheat to help all you fellow quasi-hoarders do the same. 

Here’s what to do: The next time you embark on a closet cleanout and find yourselves faced with a massive stack of questionables (read: items that meet the above criteria or similar), simply relocate those pieces to a temporary storage bag at the back of your closet.

If, during the next month, you pull something out and wear it, then congrats! You’ve earned the right to keep it. On the flip side, if you find you haven’t thought of it once, then you’ve got no further ground to stand upon.

So march that bag on down to your local donation center, and know that Marie Kondo is smiling on you.

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