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Things we love: dogs. Things we don’t love: decorating for dogs. Chewing? Shedding? Muddy paws? Welp, there go our grand decor plans—or so we thought. In Susanna Salk’s new book, At Home with Dogs and Their Designers (Rizzoli), she shares the high-style meets pet-friendly secrets of 22 designer dog parents. Here are five faith-renewing tricks we’re copying immediately. 

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dog friendly decor 5
Jean Randazzo

Add ‘Dog Covers’ To Prized Furniture

Pet furniture covers are, by and large, a major eyesore—but that doesn't mean you should shun upholstery protection. We love the idea of laying a chic, washable throw across your furniture or, better yet, taking a page from Carolyne Roehm and ordering yardage of a pretty fabric to drape (then removing and sending to the cleaners as needed).

dog friendly decor 1
Stacey Bewkes

Elevate Your Pet Supply Presentations

Place dog bowls on a chic tray, store leashes and collars in an attractive bowl or basket, and when it comes to dog gates, get creative, people. How neat is Brooke Giannetti's antique cabinet door situation? 

dog friendly decor 6
Stacey Bewkes

Craft A Doggie ‘Drop-Zone’

Dirty pups (like dirty kids) are best served by a mini mudroom to clean off in before entering the house. Make like Bunny Williams and set up a station at your front door to wrangle your pooches upon entry and store your pet gizmos and gadgets discretely.

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dog friendly decor 3
Simon Pinniger

Use Dog Beds To Discourage Jumping

The best way to thwart time spent on your furniture? Placing cushy dog beds in family hangout rooms. Go ahead and spring for a pretty, patterned option if they’re in direct eyesight. (Bonus points for tying the fabric in with your throw pillows, la  Michelle Nussbaumer.)

dog friendly decor 4
Stacey Bewkes

Invest In Tiny Furniture

Along the same line, do you want your pup crawling into bed with you? According to Alex Papachristidis, mini furniture (a tot-sized French chair, anyone?) will help with independence and mobility. But let’s be honest: The real draw here is the absolutely over-the-top adorableness factor.


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