What's the Deal with These Sunset Projection Lamps We're Seeing Everywhere?

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Lately, it seems as if our feeds have been inundated with warm, incandescent bedrooms and living rooms. And each time we scroll past a TikTok or Instagram with the same dreamy aesthetic, we wonder: how in the black magic do we get this light in our home? As it turns out, you only need one item: a sunset projection lamp.

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What Are Sunset Projection Lamps, Anyway?

You know that 4 p.m.-tiki-bar-by-the-beach ambiance? The sun’s sinking into the ocean, and the sky turns from cool blues to warm reds and yellows? Well, that’s what a sunset projection lamp simulates…but in your house. Using wavelengths of a natural sunset, the lamp projects irregular, rounded shapes on the walls, floor and ceiling in gradient orange and amber hues.

There are various sunset projection lamps on the market and most come with additional size and color settings. We’re talking 4-inch desk lamps that mimic the galaxy’s stars, and 5-foot LED floor lamps that bring Coachella vibes to your living rooms. However, if you’re interested in the mood-boosting qualities of this lamp, you’ll want to make sure it has a sunset-color scheme and a rotating head that can envelop an entire room in its rich, glowy atmosphere.

Why Are They Getting So Much Buzz?

Three words: perfect selfie background. But there’s more to these buzzy products than their social media capital. In an interview with, therapist Kate Morris-Bates explains: “Light therapy lamps, such as a sunset lamp, can bring feel-good lighting into your home.” According to Bates, these lamps have “sunset light bulbs that serve as therapy [and] help increase serotonin levels.”

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Back Up… Did You Say It Has ‘mood-boosting’ Qualities?

Medical Director of Cosmedics Skin Clinics, Dr. Ross Perry, explains in, that even the impression of a sunset and warm glow can “make us feel more relaxed, happy and ease the feeling of stress and anxiety.” And there’s actual science to that. According to a recent study published in Current Biology, “The wavelengths—the colors—at sunrise and sunset have the biggest impact on brain centers that regulate our circadian clock, mood and alertness.” So yeah, sunset lighting can elevate our moods, help restore a balanced sleep cycle and even combat seasonal affective disorder.

The Best Sunset Projections Lamps To Shop Now

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1. Ankishi Dimmable Sunset Floor Lamp

This 5.7-foot floor lamp integrates high-power LED and 10-watt brightness to project vibrant sunset hues with customizable colors. The lamp's dynamic, adjustable head has a 360-degree rotation that allows you to control the size and saturation of the halo, and its extended height can light up an entire room. Plus, it comes with a 43-setting wireless remote that allows you to vary the sunset's brightness, temperature and lighting effect to match your preferences.

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2. Nulipam Sunset Lamp Projector

This 10-inch table lamp comes fully equipped with a wireless remote, four gradient modes, *sixteen color options* and flash, strobe, fade and smooth effects for an immersive sunset experience. Our favorite feature, however, is its 180-degree rotating head, which allows you to adjust the size and shape of the halo you project. Move the lamp further away for larger wall projections, or closer for smaller, more colorful sunsets.

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3. Kayln Led Novelty Floor Lamp

Looking for a lamp that can mimic those sunset projections you've been seeing all over TikTok and Instagram? You've found it. This 61-inch floor lamp is built with a 90-degree, adjustable rotating head and uses an 8.5-watt LED bulb for maximum brightness and color projection. Plus, it has an adjustable height that allows you to point the light virtually anywhere in the home and its extended plug-in cord comes with a footswitch for easy access.

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