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Wellness Beer Is the New Hard Seltzer…and We’re Really Into It

Double IPA or a G&T? We know what we’d usually order. While the first three sips of beer are always crisp and refreshing, by the time we get to the bottom of a whole glass, we tend to feel bloated and full.

That’s why we’re always on the lookout for an alternative. While hard seltzer checks some of the boxes (they're low-cal, low-sugar and low-carb), we can’t overlook one glaring fact: We just can't get into the taste. (And we’ve tossed back a lot of the grapefruit-flavored stuff just to quadruple check. Nope.)

Needless to say, our interest was piqued when we recently heard about wellness beer—which sounds a little bit like an oxymoron, right? It was originally marketed as a muscle recovery drink for runners, who are known to toss back a post-race cold one (carb loading at its finest).

So what exactly is wellness beer? Essentially, it’s a low-ABV, low-cal brew made with some of the ingredients Gatorade has, like electrolytes and sea salts. The idea is that they promote quick muscle recovery, a bit like an energy drink.

And now, non-triathletes are catching on to these new beers, too. Because in the age of wellness, who doesn’t want a beer that packs additional benefits? Beer giants are scrambling to get a piece of the trend: Sierra Nevada Brewing Company recently purchased the small craft company Sufferfest, and the Boston Beer Company (the folks that brew Sam Adams) just dropped a widely available version called Marathon Brewing 26.2.

Wondering what they taste like? Well, they're pretty indistinguishable from non-wellness brews, only they don’t weigh you down afterward…or give you a splitting hangover. 

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