Let’s All Have Breakfast at Tiffanys (Because Now We Can)
Tiffany & Co.

Whether you coveted Tiffany’s ubiquitous tag charm bracelet in high school or had a Holly Golightly poster on your dorm-room wall (uh…yeah, neither did we), you’ve undoubtedly spent most of your adult life familiar with the iconic jeweler and its longstanding NYC heritage. And now, the retailer’s after our grown-up, social-media-obsessed hearts with its newest offering: the Blue Box Café.

The luxury brand’s first-ever restaurant opens today in its iconic Fifth Avenue flagship, as part of its freshly revamped fourth floor (which also includes the home and accessories department, a fragrance laboratory and a vintage book collection). But we’re most excited about the café: an elegant dining room that boasts views of Central Park and is outfitted in—what else?—that signature Tiffany blue. If you think it looks good on a jewelry box, just wait until you’re eating poached eggs surrounded by it. 

The prix fixe menu options include a $29 breakfast, a $39 lunch and $49 tea—which, to be totally candid, is more affordable than we were expecting. As for the food, expect dishes like truffle eggs, burrata-apple flatbread, and come teatime, coconut brownies and adorable blue box petits fours. (Think of the “like” potential!)

We’re already looking forward to leisurely lunches and tea parties with our besties—and yes, maybe the occasional solo breakfast when we’re feeling fancy. Black gloves and tiara optional.

727 Fifth Ave.; tiffany.com

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