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Used to be, the only glam restaurants that served interesting food were nightspots where it was all about the prestige of multi-course, expensive meals. But now time-strapped, value-minded Angelenos want great food with minimal fuss—and be quick about it! Here’s why Santa Monica’s all-day eatery The Gables fits the bill yummily.

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The Gables Table
Pascal Shirley for The Gables

The Food

First thing in the morning, you can roll up and enjoy coffee with chilaquiles and avo mash. Lunch, there’s an amazeball turkey meatball Parm sandwich. Dinner, how about Faroe Islands salmon with caperberry vinaigrette? Long story short: Chef Vicki Fan Matsusaka thinks outside the usual fast-casual box.

The Speed
You get your side salads and drinks when you order at the counter (where you also pay, so...quick getaway).  When your meal is ready, it’s run out by a counter staffer, line cook or maybe even the manager. Point is, there’s no waiting for distracted servers to bring your meal or your check.

The Gables gallery wall
Pascal Shirley for The Gables

The Art
Home to the best gallery wall west of Soho House, The Gables also has a sweet mural inspired by Santa Monica’s bicyclists and skaters. Look for designer Dan Einzig’s sketch of his wife surfing Topanga—it’s been framed on the wall and reprinted on the napkins.

The Parking
Don’t laugh, but The Gables is located near the Third Street Promenade, where the lack of parking can be a deal breaker. But this block on Wilshire Boulevard has small parking structures on each side street as well as lots of meters. 

The Gables patio
Pascal Shirley for The Gables

The Patio
The hanging plants overhead, the colorful tile, the ocean breezes. Hang out anytime from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day and remember why the West Side is the best side.

331 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica; 424-280-4470 or

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