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The Ultimate Guide to Planning Thanksgiving Dinner

Real talk: Hosting Thanksgiving is no easy task. Here’s how to make everything just a little bit more manageable, beautiful and, of course, wine-full.

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The Absolute Best Way to Make a Turkey Crispy

Presenting our trick to getting the ultimate crisp on your Thanksgiving bird—without sacrificing flavor. Read more

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The Secret Trick to Making a Pie Crust Look Amazing

And it only takes one minute

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The Absolute Easiest Way to Peel Potatoes

Proof it doesn’t have to be so hard

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How to Cut the Perfect Slice of Pumkin Pie

A simple trick for expert presentation


How to Throw a Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

No gluten, no problem


The Secret Ingredient That’ll Make Your Gravy Taste Better

It’s probably already on your Thanksgiving table

Call Me Cupcake

50 Amazing Pie Recipes to Make This Thanksgiving

Because it’s not Thanksgiving without pie

How Much Wine Should I Actually Be Pouring?

To the top of the glass? Halfway up? Here’s a handy heat sheet so you know exactly how much to serve. Read more

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7 Brilliant Ways to Transform Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Time to put the leftover cranberry sauce to work

Trader Joe’s

The 15 Best Thanksgiving Finds at Trader Joe’s

Have you seen the mini pies? 

He Needs Food

This Year’s Thanksgiving Trend: Let’s Hasselback Everything

Take your Turkey Day up a notch


21 Mini Thanksgiving Desserts That Are (Almost) Too Cute to Eat

No more fighting over the last slice of pie


How to Make an Entire Thanksgiving Dinner in Less Than 2 Hours

Every time-saving hack you can imagine

Nirvana Cakery

33 Gluten-Free Holiday Recipes to Make This Season

Wheat-free and delicious


How to Throw Thanksgiving Dinner for $100

Forget the stress of cooking, cleaning and dealing with relatives. What about the cost of it all? Read more

PureWow Presents: How to Save Thanksgiving from PureWow on Vimeo.

How to Save Thanksgiving

You thought you had everything in order. But the turkey is dry, the mashed potatoes have gone cold, the wine is warm and Grandpa won’t stop asking you for another scotch. Don’t panic: These four tricks will save you.

The Ultimate Checklist for All Your Thanksgiving Prep

A day-by-day (and hour-by-hour) guide to prepping and planning to make the day a breeze. Read more

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This Is the Prettiest Last-Minute Thanksgiving Centerpiece We’ve Ever Seen

Time to dress up that pie

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7 Gorgeous Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Goal: Impress the hell out of your guests

50 Fabulously Simple (and Stunning) Fall Decor Ideas

Go beyond pumpkins

PureWow Presents: The New Thanksgiving Table from PureWow on Vimeo.

3 Fresh New Ways to Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table

Listen, it’s time to retire that cornucopia centerpiece. Your family and friends deserve something modern and beautiful to look at as they down turkey and red wine. Like one of these simple, festive tablescapes. (And yes, glitter gourds are involved.)

Southern Living; Photography: Laurey Glenn

The Chicest Fall Decor Idea Is Also the Easiest

So simple, so chic


How to Make Your House Smell Exactly Like Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in less than 30 minutes

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22 Things a Good Hostess Always Has in Her Home

Be ready for whenever guests pop in

Simple Fun for Kids

10 Super-Cute Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Kids

How to keep the under-10 crowd occupied