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It would be great if you could mix each of your guests their very own personalized cocktail, but let’s be real. You don’t want to be playing bartender all night instead of hanging with your friends. This fruity rum punch is sure to satisfy everyone’s cocktail fix and will free you up to enjoy your evening.

What You Need:
 - Pineapple slices
 - Pomegranate seeds
 - Pineapple juice
 - Pomegranate juice
 - Spiced rum
 - 3 cans ginger beer

Step 1: Arrange the pineapple slices and pomegranates in a Bundt pan, then fill to the top with water and sticking in the freezer. 

Step 2: In a large punch bowl, combine the pineapple juice, pomegranate juice, spiced rum and ginger beer.

Step 3: Once the pineapple-pomegranate ice ring has solidified, pop it out of the pan and into your bowl of punch.

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Additional Reporting by Abby Hepworth

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