How Ina Garten Peels an Onion (Better Than You)
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You’ve conquered chopping an onion without without crying your eyes out, but now the patron saint of all things kitchen has made cooking with onions even easier. In her book Cooking for Jeffrey, Ina Garten teaches us an almost hands-free way to peel an onion in 30 seconds.

What you need: An onion, a pot of boiling water (whatever size your onion can be submerged in), an ice bath and a paring knife.

What you do: Drop the onion into the boiling water and blanch it for 30 seconds. Remove it with a slotted spoon and then submerge it in ice water to stop it from cooking. Now trim the stem and the skin will peel right off with a squeeze of your hands, leaving the root intact.

The trick works especially well with tiny pearl onions that can be stubborn to peel. Once again, Ina FTW. 

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