Ina Garten’s Top 3 Freezer Staples Prove Store-Bought Really *Is* Fine

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What Ina Garten says, we do. Roast a chicken? Wear chambray? Buy *good* vanilla and spoon-feed it to Jeffrey? Check, check and check.

So if you’ll excuse us, we have some groceries to pick up, because according to Maria Yagoda at Food & Wine, the cookbook author and television host would never be caught without three surprising items in her freezer: vodka, bread and vanilla ice cream.

Vodka is kind of a no-brainer, if you’re hosting as many cocktail parties as the contessa likely is. Kept in the freezer, it will always be chilled and ready for a martini or vodka Collins. (FYI, liquor doesn’t freeze due to its high alcohol content.)

But we were admittedly surprised to read that Ms. “Store-Bought Is Fine” keeps both bread and vanilla ice cream stashed in her freezer as well. (Surely she whips up homemade loaves and pints every time?) According to Yagoda, who overheard this information from Ina herself, bread and ice cream both hold up well to freezing and taste just as good store-bought as they do homemade.

So it turns out sometimes store-bought really is fine. We’re clearing out space in our freezer ASAP.

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