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The Genius Trick to Keep Your Wine Glass Cold Without Ice
Courtney Keating/Getty Images

In an ideal world, you’d be lounging on the beach with a frozen margarita (or two) and the latest can’t-put-down read all summer long. But until that lottery win comes through, sitting outside in your garden (or on your couch with the window cracked open) with a cold glass of wine will just have to do. We can’t give you the winning ticket, but we can help make sure that your wine is perfectly chilled within minutes (even if you forgot to put the bottle in the fridge).

What to do: Keep a stash of frozen grapes in your freezer (they make a great healthy snack, too). Then, when it's wine o'clock, simply drop three or four grapes into your glass and that room temp Chablis will be cold in no time.

Why this works: Unlike many other fruits, grapes have a tough enough exterior to ensure that extra liquid and flavor stay inside, meaning your glass of vino won’t get watered down. Genius.

Extra bonus? When you’re done drinking, there’s a tasty snack waiting for you at the bottom.

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