It was only a matter of time before the unicorn food mania swung the other way. And now, NYC is in need of a sparkle detox. Enter: the charcoal trend. Touted for its purifying properties, charcoal has moved well beyond its medicinal and cosmetic associations (toothpaste, face masks), showing up in everything from pizza to ice cream. Here’s where to try the pitch-black foods.

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charcoal pizza olivella NY
Michael Tulipan

Activated Charcoal Pizza at Olivella

Naples-born pizza maker Salvatore Olivella uses charcoal all over the menu at this North Bergen, New Jersey, restaurant. (Yes, it’s outside the city, but we’re intrigued enough to make the trip). Along with raven-hued pizza crust, Olivella has incorporated charcoal into the caprese salad (the mozz is eerily gray), tiramisu, pasta and fried zeppole dough, too.

7709 Bergenline Ave.; North Bergen, NJ;

Black Coconut Ash Ice Cream at Morgenstern’s

The Instagram-famous jet-black ice cream at the LES ice-cream parlor may look intimidating, but the coconut and vanilla flavors are refreshingly mild compared to how inky your lips and teeth will be after devouring a cone. (Worth it.) 

2 Rivington St.;

The Good Sort Charcoal Latte NY
Special Sauce NYC

Black Latte at The Good Sort

If rainbow lattes and dragon milk are the popular kids at this vegan tea bar, the black latte is the mysterious wallflower that deserves a second look. It’s blackened with raw activated charcoal made from coconut shells and black sesame powder, which adds a delicious toasted-nut flavor.

5 Doyers St.;

Activated Charcoal Lemonade at Pressed Juicery

Toting a bottle of this detoxifying tonic has become as much of a fashion statement as a pair of fur-trimmed slides. But even non-style bloggers can appreciate the not-too-sweet concoction, laced with lavender and honey. 

Multiple locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn;

Beauty   Essex Black Tie White Noise cocktail NY
Beauty & Essex

Black Tie White Noise at Beauty and Essex

This herbaceous and smoky cocktail combines Gentleman Jack, Port Charlotte, yellow chartreuse, lemon and activated charcoal for a refreshing yet savory sip (despite its color). Fun fact: The drink is named in honor of the David Bowie album Black Tie White Noise—so now we have to order it. 

146 Essex St.;

miss paradis charcoal pancakes NY
Miss Paradis

Açai Blueberry Pancakes, Black Bread and Coconut Yogurt at Miss Paradis

Regular brunch a little too cheerful for you? Head to this chic and healthy Soho restaurant for homemade black bread, coconut yogurt, freshly pressed juice and acai-blueberry pancakes, all pigmented with activated charcoal.

47 Prince St.;

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The Coal Crusted Burger at Acme

Chef Brian Loiacono’s burger is crusted with “miner's rub,” a blend of active dehydrated coal, dark cocoa powder, black garlic and a bunch of other spices. Think of it as a reverse-engineered barbecued patty—but way juicier. 

9 Great Jones St.;

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