Some of Miami’s most mouthwatering cuisine is served from a humble truck (yep). From Chinese-inspired tacos to cold-brew coffee and matcha-flavored treats, here are the best trucks in town and where to line up to try them.

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El Bagel

Who needs a plethora of bagel joints like New York when you have a portable dough shop instead? That’s right, El Bagel rides across Miami stocked with chewy fresh bagels crammed with everything from smoked salmon to runny eggs to thick schmears—or, you know, all of the above.

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Mr. Bing

Inside this Technicolor truck, ice cream is served with a fork (you heard us). Oh, and this is the place to get a little crazy with toppings. (Caramel popcorn! Crushed pistachios! Mini mochi!)

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Yoko Matcha

Miami finally has its first matcha café, where all food and drink is infused with traditional Japanese tea leaves. Take your pick of pastelitos, waffles, lemonades and frappés. We’ll have one of each, please.

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Cold Brew Station

These extra-fancy cold brews are iced and served on wheels, which means you may have to trek across town just to get a cup. Trust us: It’s worth it. 

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Box of Chacos

Box of Chacos

Ever heard of Chinese-inspired tacos? Well, they’re a thing and they’re downright delicious. Tacos like the Chow Mai Chicken (featuring ancho-glazed chicken, Mexican corn salsa and Korean ranch) and the Pink Chaco (with seared ahi tuna, sesame salad and a house secret sauce) are paired with kimchee burgers, chile-spiked tater tots and pork belly steamed buns.

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Food Dude

This Latin-Jamaican grill whips up popular mash-ups like arroz con jerkfeaturing yellow saffron rice topped with green peppers, onions and jerk meat; and loaded jerk tostones, where deep-fried plantains are smothered with caramelized onions, green peppers, blended cheese and meat. Pro tip: Grab extra napkins, because things may get messy.

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Ms. Cheezious

No matter how old we get, there’s nothing like a really, really good grilled cheese. Whether you chow down on the Mackin Melt (with creamy Gouda mac ’n’ cheese and house-cured bacon) or a fried chicken and waffle melt (crispy chicken and cheddar on house-made buttermilk waffles with country gravy and maple syrup), you really can’t go wrong. Bonus points for having a gluten-free-bread option.

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Wynwood Parlor

You may have seen this graffiti-clad truck driving around Miami stocked with nearly a dozen different kinds of ice-cream sandwiches. Our favorite is a simple strawberry blend between two freshly baked chocolate-chip cookies.

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