Let’s face it: Sometimes all you want in life is some kung pao chicken and a mountain of fried rice. And while we fully support hitting up your local takeout spot for those needs (hey, it’s winter), there’s also a world of regional cuisines and incredible dishes in Chinatown, Flushing and beyond. Here are eight of our favorite places for a blowout Chinese meal. 

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great ny noodletown nyc chinese restaurants

Great NY Noodletown

This Chinatown institution is perpetually packed and chaotic—and 100 percent worth it. You can’t go wrong with Hong Kong-style noodle soups, wontons and congee.

28 Bowery (at Bayard St.); 212-349-0923

east harbor seafood palace nyc chinese restaurants

East Harbor Seafood Palace

Is it a Sunday-morning dim sum spread you’re after? The bite-size delights at this Sunset Park eatery will feed your bao-loving heart. Don’t miss the crispy taro puffs and egg tarts.

714 65th St. (at Seventh Ave.), Brooklyn; 718-765-0098

tasty hand pulled noodles nyc chinese restaurants

Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles

It’s all right there in the name: You’ll find perfectly doughy noodles—both pulled and knife-cut—submerged in soul-warming soups topped with everything from lamb to eel.

1 Doyers St. (at Bowery); 212-791-1817 otastyhandpullednoodlesnyc.com

buddha bodai kosher vegetarian nyc chinese restaurants

Buddha Bodai Kosher Vegetarian

Yep, you can get incredible dim sum with nary a shred of pork in sight. And the meat-free version is just as good as the original: You might not even notice the difference when you bite into “char siu” buns and “shrimp” har gow.

77 Mulberry St. (between Canal and Walker sts.); 212-233-2921 obuddhavegetarian.com

spicy village nyc chinese restaurants

Spicy Village

First off, the name conjures up an image of tiny huts thatched with chili peppers, which is great. And second, the “big tray chicken” is life-changing. Ask for it with a side of noodles and stretchy pants.

68 Forsyth St. (between Grand and Hester sts.); 212-625-8299 ospicyvillagenyc.com

han dynasty nyc chinese restaurants

Han Dynasty

The family-style eats at this Szechuan spot don’t mess around with the chili peppers, but we’re more than happy to endure the mouth-numbing pain for dry-pepper chicken and dan dan noodles.

Two locations in Manhattan; handynasty.net

decoy nyc chinese restaurants


Nothing says “feast” like a whole bird, and you can’t do better than the crispy-skinned Peking duck (with all the fixings) at RedFarm’s downstairs sibling.

529 ½ Hudson St. (at Charles St.); 212-691-9700 or decoynyc.com

imperial palace nyc chinese restaurants

Imperial Palace

The Dungeness crab (or lobster) sticky rice at this Cantonese banquet hall is legendary, and for good reason. Round out the meal with sweet-and-sour pork chops and garlic pea shoots.

13613 37th Ave. (at Main St.), Queens; 718-939-3501

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