29 Beer Cocktails to Sip All Year-Round, from Radlers to Micheladas

Not a single barbecue or dinner party goes by without you having to ask yourself the most difficult question of all time: beer or cocktails? To that timeless debate, we say both, please. Presenting 29 refreshing, creative beer cocktails to mix up all year long. There’s something on this list for lager lovers and stout stans alike.

Curious About Cooking with Beer? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

1. Beer Margarita

The only way the iconic tequila-and-lime cocktail could get more refreshing? By being topped off by an effervescent pilsner, of course.

2. Grapefruit Radler

Any wheat beer will work in this tart-sweet recipe, but we’re partial to Blue Moon because of its citrusy flavor profile.

3. Beer Bloody Mary

We know what you’re drinking at Sunday brunch. This vodka libation has all the usual suspects from tomato juice to horseradish, plus eight ounces of crisp, pale lager.

4. 4-ingredient Pineapple Lime Chelada

Unlike the tomato juice-based michelada, the chelada traditionally calls on Mexican lager, lime and salt. This one uses limeade, gold tequila and tequila-soaked pineapple, too.

5. Summer Shandy

Two thirst-quenching titans unite. This lemonade-beer hybrid can be made with just about any pale ale, pilsner or hefeweizen.

6. Wheat Ale And Orange Sangria

You won’t find any wine in this sangria—tequila and your favorite Belgian-style wheat ale hold down the fort instead.

7. Grapefruit Beer Mimosa

A wheat brew and fresh-squeezed juice? Sounds like a good morning indeed. Feel free to swap Champagne, Prosecco or Cava in for beer if you’d like to keep it more traditional.

8. Berry-beer Popsicles

Booze is just better on a stick, don’t @ us. Any fruity brew will do, but we suggest using a mouth-puckering sour or gose (a fermented style of beer originally from Germany that’s famous for its sour, sometimes salty flavor) to cut through the sweet berries and rosemary simple syrup.

9. Ojo Rojo (smoky Michelada)

Colloquially known as a Mexican bloody Mary, this sipper is made with chilled tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce and an amber lager. Whatever you do, don’t skip the chipotle chile rim.

10. Pineapple-lime Beer Margaritas

One sip and boom: You’re kicked back on a tropical beach. We wonder what would happen if we took this recipe for a whirl in the blender

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Salt and Wind

11. Black Velvet Cocktail

Lagers and wheat beers aren’t your thing? Try this stout-based gem on for size. It’s made with Guinness and blackberry liqueur.

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12. Blood Orange Shandy

And you thought winter had dibs on this stunning citrus fruit. Might we suggest going the extra mile by infusing the simple syrup with fresh mint?

13. Apple Cider And Ginger Beer Bourbon Cocktail

Calling all hard cider fans. It’s boozy, spicy and sweet, so it’s just the pick for your Thanksgiving cocktail hour.

14. Spicy Michelada

Using Clamato instead of straight tomato juice will give the drink a briny, complex flavor. (P.S.: Use Tajín chili-lime seasoning on the rim—you can thank us later.)

15. Guinness Popsicles With Irish Cream-soaked Brownies

Aka the tastiest way to get yourself crowned Hostess with the Mostest. We’ll be savoring ours poolside, thanks.

16. Pumpkin Beertail With Tequila And Spiced Rum

If you’re first in line once it’s fall at the liquor store, this libation has your name written all over it. Pair your favorite pumpkin brew (we love Elysian Night Owl and Southern Tier Pumking) with OJ, maple syrup and real pumpkin purée.

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A Better Happier St. Sebastian

17. White Ipa And Raspberry Beermosa

We’ve got your back too, hopheads. Savor the bitterness of your favorite white IPA, plus a touch of sweetness in the form of OJ and muddled fruit.

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18. Hibiscus Shandy

Tart hibiscus takes over for traditional lemonade in this shandy remix. You can use any Belgian ale or witbier here—the real star is the tea, infused with fresh ginger.

19. Key Lime Beergaritas

Shaking cocktails for a crowd? Quadruple the recipe and you’ll have enough of this refreshing elixir to fill a pitcher.

20. Beer-cider Slam

Bubbly brew + hard cider + orange liqueur = autumn in a glass. Garnish with apple slices and cinnamon sticks.

21. Blood Orange And Lemongrass Coronarita

The secret ingredient is three-ingredient lemongrass simple syrup. The recipe makes an entire bottle, so feel free to mix the leftovers into a gin and tonic, mojito or Tom Collins.

22. Spaghett Cocktail

A spaghett is basically an Aperol spritz that uses beer in place of sparkling wine. Oh, and another cool feature? You don’t even need a shaker or glass to make it—just pour the mix-ins into your beer bottle and enjoy.

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A Better Happier St. Sebastian

23. Orange Ipa Campari Cocktail

Try finding an IPA that’s brewed with lots of Citra hops. If you’d rather use a beer on the piney side or a citrusy wheat beer, those will work too.

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24. Porter-spiked Cold Brew Iced Coffee

We won’t speak for anyone else, but these scream Mother’s Day brunch to us. Use a porter with a coffee- or vanilla-like flavor profile for maximum deliciousness.

25. Spicy Blood Orange Beergaritas

There’s only one real right way to drink these: with a side of tacos, chips and guac.

26. Cider Beer Sangria

Want to go the extra mile? Cook your own apple cider. You can make it on the stove, in the slow cooker or in the Instant Pot. (You can even start with apple juice instead of fresh apples if you’re feeling lazy.)

27. Pumpkin Ale Beermosa

It doesn’t get simpler than a two-ingredient cocktail that requires no ice or shaking. The hardest part is rolling the rim in pumpkin pie spice.

28. Beer Nog And Bourbon Cocktails

Come winter, there’s no better way to ring in the holiday season than with this spiced number. Stouts and porters will both work; just keep an eye out for high-ABV imperial stouts that might make the recipe excessively boozy.

29. Milk Chocolate Stout Brownie Sundae Float With Burnt Irish Caramel And Hot Fudge

A cocktail that doubles as dessert? We think we’re in love. Did we mention it’s topped with coconut-Irish cream whip?

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