12 Frozen Drinks You Need to Plan a Girls' Night Around

Boozy push-pops are everything

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Pop quiz: What’s the best way to beat the heat in Chicago? Is it taking a dip in the lake, finding a friend with a boat and begging for mercy, or sipping a delicious, icy-cool cocktail? Trick question! The answer is obviously all of the above. But if you’re still searching for that special somebody with a boat (us too), here are 12 frozen cocktails to cool you down STAT.

Chicago’s Best Brunch Cocktails

Kailley Lindman

The Peach Smash At The Bristol

This is a seasonal drink, so get it while the gettin’s good. Four Roses Yellow bourbon, orchard apricot, peach puree and lemon sour are a match made in frozen cocktail heaven.

2152 N. Damen Ave.; 773-862-5555 or

The Pina Cola-duh At Joy District

We don’t need to tell you that rooftops are everything in the summer. Joy District’s piña colada, with Cruzan spiced rum and fresh coconut cream, is the perfect session drink for taking in the gorgeous Chicago skyline.

112 W. Hubbard St.; 312-955-0339 or

Christina C./Yelp

The Mango Lassi At Pub Royale

A rum-spiked mango lassi topped with paprika and mint is everything we want in a summer afternoon. Come to Pub Royale for the lassi alone or sip the slushie alongside the British-Indian grub.

2049 W. Division St.; 773-661-6874 or

Fremont's Boozy Push-pops (we Like Lemon Blueberry)

Getting a buzz off of your favorite childhood treat is so wrong--yet so, so right. Go ahead and indulge in this genius concoction, which Fremont’s remixes daily with an ever-changing roster of ingredients. 

15 W. Illinois St.; 312-874-7270 or

Samantha E./Yelp

Purple Drink At Parson's Chicken And Fish

We love, love, love the negroni slushies, but Parson’s other frosty beverages are more than deserving of a proper shout-out. Next time you’re posted up at the patio, try the Purple Drink--a refreshing mix of red wine, port and orange blossom water.

2952 W. Armitage Ave.; 773-384-3333 or

Anthony Todd/Serious Eats

Drumbar Horchata At Drumbar

Creamy and nutmeggy, Horchata is one of those refreshing summer drinks that shouldn’t work but totally, totally does. A touch of rum and cognac only adds to its appeal.

201 E. Delaware Pl.; 312-933-4805 or


Watermelon Margarita Slushies At Q-tine

There’s no better way to counterbalance all the smoky meats at Q-Tine than with a watermelon margarita slushie. At 16 ounces a pop, this $10 drink is the ultimate bang for your buck.

2339 N. Milwaukee Ave.; 773-227-5100 or

Lost Lake's Curative Vibrations

You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a tropical oasis as you sip this bourbon, tamarind shrub and pomegranate drink amid Lost Lost Lake’s stylish digs.

3154 W. Diversey Ave.; 773-293-6048 or

The Silly Rabbit At The Sixth

Inspired by our favorite children’s cereal, this drink requires some hands-on participation--making the end result that much sweeter. Your job? Pour gin from a carafe over fruit-flavored ice cubes, wait for the juicy flavors to meld and enjoy.

2200 W. Lawrence Ave.; 773-433-5959 or

The Rosé Snow Cone At Expat

As if rosé weren’t already the most perfect creation known to man, Expat in the West Loop takes it to the next level by serving the pretty-in-pink libation in snow-cone form.

118 N. Green St.; 312-432-0500 or

Blended Gin & Tonic At The Promontory

The classic gin and tonic gets an icy update at The Promontory, Hyde Park’s beloved eatery. Aviation gin, a celery tonic made in-house and lime take this treat over the edge.

5311 S. Lake Park Ave.; 312-801-2100 or

The Missionary's Downfall At Three Dots & A Dash

Revel in the island vibes with this sinful potion of Puerto Rican rum, mint, honey, lime and peaches. 

435 N. Clark St.; 312-610-4220 or