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We’re not necessarily advocating day drinking, but these brunch cocktails are so delicious--and OMG, the garnishes--that we can’t help giving them two overly enthusiastic thumbs-up. (Or, let’s face it, recommending a second round.) Here are the best drinks to pair with your eggs and waffles this weekend.


To Sneak in Some Bourbon: G.T. Fish & Oyster

First, let’s discuss this skewer. The Bloody Mary at G.T. Fish & Oyster comes garnished with shrimp and pickled veggies. (Which would make for a nice appetizer in itself, if we didn’t need to have the monkey bread every time we hit G.T.) But here’s the coolest part: The drink can be made with vodka or--if you’re feeling a little daring--bourbon.

531 N. Wells St.; 312-929-3501 or


The Best Bet for Groups: Bar Toma

Your crew is headed to brunch. And you all want a Bloody Mary. Obviously, the next step is to hit Bar Toma, where there is a Bloody Mary Tower--yes, tower--that?s good for four drinks. The huge cocktail has a spigot for easy pouring, and its secret ingredient is a whole slice of pepperoni pizza soaking inside. (Pizza-infused liquor? YES, PLEASE.)

110 E. Pearson St.; 312-266-3119 or


For Carnivores: Beef & Barley

Was it you who once said: “Too much bacon is never enough?” Or was that us? Either way, you can test your resolve at Beef & Barley. The gastropub shakes up its Bloody with bacon-infused vodka, and the drink is served with a bottomless side of the greasy (mmm) treat.

3001 N. Ashland Ave.; 773-248-0990 or


When You Just Want a Chicken Wing: Public House

The Bloody Mary at Public House basically comes garnished with a picnic spread. Its skewer holds fresh mozzarella, thick-cut bacon, bourbon-glazed shrimp, pepper jack cheese, pickled asparagus and--wait for it--a smoked chicken wing. There’s also, you know, vodka mixed up with a spicy Bloody Mary mix.

400 N. State St.; 312-265-1240 or


Worth a Day Trip: Sobelmans

A single wing doesn?t cut it? Fill the tank, hit I-94 and head toward Milwaukee. Your destination is Sobelmans Pub N Grill, which serves Bloody Marys garnished with entire fried chickens. Godspeed eating (and drinking) that one, and plan on lots of napkins.

1601 W. Wells St., Milwaukee; 414-933-1601 or


For a Champagne Toast: Sunda

Awards season has begun, which means weekend movie trips are a must. (First up: The Revenant.) Before a Sunday matinee, grab a Hollywood-style cocktail at Sunda. Served tableside, the swanky Mimosa Kits come with Champagne bottle service, fresh berries and carafes of perfectly chilled juices.

110 W. Illinois St.; 312-644-0500 or


For Something Sweet: DMK Burger Bar

At DMK Burger Bar, breakfast comes spiked. The casual eatery serves milkshakes in flavors like Banana Pancake, Blueberry Muffin and Fruit Loops; you can add a dash of liquor to any of the above. (Have faith: It works.) Pair your sweet, creamy drink with something nice and savory, like…hmm, perhaps a burger?

2954 N. Sheffield Ave.; 773-360-8686 or

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