Creative Food and Beer Pairings to Upgrade Movie, Game or Date Night

When it comes to wine, you’ve basically dubbed yourself an amateur sommelier. But beer? Eh, you need a little help in that category (IP…wut?). That’s why we’ve partnered with #BeerstoThat to educate you on all the beer pairings you’ve been missing out on. Ranging from classic originals to funky and niche, there’s a type of beer that’ll satisfy any tastebuds. So, for your next movie, game or date night, swap out that wine decanter for a fresh beer and try some of our favorite food pairings listed below.

ipa beer food pairing
McKenzie Cordell

India Pale Ale (ipa) + Fish And Chips

Hailed as the most popular craft beer style in the United States, IPAs are known to have a concentrated hop aroma and flavor. Since the taste can be quite bitter and strong, it can easily cut through salty and fried foods, which is why it’s a great complement to fish and chips. Hint: If you like spicy food and want an extra kick, try pairing an IPA with a bold curry as it’s been known that the bitter hop flavor intensifies the heat.

pilsner beer food pairing
McKenzie Cordell

Pilsner + Sushi

This light lager is known for its flavorful malts, herbal hops and crisp taste. A pilsner’s bitter, yet sweet profile pairs well with fatty fish as it can cut through the taste while still allowing the food to shine. Don’t fret if you’re not a sushi lover, those shortbread Girl Scout cookies make for a great match for pilsners as well.

amber ale beer food pairing
McKenzie Cordell

Amber Ale + Cheddar & Apple Grilled Cheese

This medium body brew has caramel and crystal malts that lend to a roasted toffee flavor and its golden to amber color. While you can enjoy an amber ale with most American cuisine (specifically barbecue), it marries perfectly with medium to sharp cheddar cheese. We like to add slices of fresh apple to our grilled cheese sammies for a little bit of crunch and added sweetness.

wheat beer food pairing
McKenzie Cordell

Wheat Beer + Grilled Lemon Pepper Shrimp Skewers

Because of its refreshing and light taste, wheat beers are typically known as the ideal summer beverage. With its characteristic notes of citrus and high carbonation, it’s best to keep wheat beers away from overpowering foods. Instead, reach for lighter options like leafy salads or shellfish. Pop a few lemony shrimp skewers on the grill and crack open a nice cold one.

stout porter beer food pairing
McKenzie Cordell

Stout & Porter + Dark Chocolate Cake & Vanilla Ice Cream

While stouts and porters are two different styles of beer, they share many similarities like their dark malts, roasted flavor and near-black color. These smooth beers are the best match for a rich slice of dark chocolate cake. Some people even put a scoop of vanilla ice cream right on top for a boozy float. Not much of a dessert person? Try either of these beers with hearty stews, roasts or, if you’re feeling bold, oysters!

sour beer food pairing
McKenzie Cordell

Sour Beer + Charcuterie

Increasing in popularity over the past few years, sour beers taste exactly as they sound. Their tart profile comes from the different forms of organic acids that are produced by microorganisms during fermentation. Sour beers go great with intense salty, fatty and tangy flavors so pack a charcuterie board full of strong cheeses, cured meats and fresh fruits.


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