28 Hot Cocktails to Warm Up with This Winter, from Hot Cocoa to Mulled Wine

The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. You know what would make it even better? A piping hot, stiff drink. Warm your bones with these 28 hot cocktails this winter—we’ve got ideas for wine lovers, cider fans and everyone in between.

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1. Chai Hot Toddy

Spiced tea meets rum, milk and honey. The cinnamon and ginger flavors will keep you nice and toasty.

2. Slow-cooker Spiked Cinnamon Lattes

Let this Kahlúa-laced brew simmer for a few hours while you wrap presents for the kids or make dinner.

3. Mulled Wine Sangria

No, sangria season is *not* over. This one’s served hot and spruced up with cinnamon sticks, cloves, citrus and brandy.

4. Hot Buttered Rum

Call it a nightcap, call it liquid dessert. Either way, this bev made with butter, brown sugar and spices will give your favorite hot cocoa a run for its money.

5. Mulled Cider

Trust us: You so don’t need to make the trek to a local farm to get your fix. Homemade apple cider is actually a cinch to whip up yourself.

6. Slow-cooker Cranberry Hot Toddy

We can see it now: You, sipping a mug of rum- and brandy-spiked juice in your coziest sweater while your little cousins squabble over stocking stuffers.

7. Bailey’s Original Irish Cream Eggnog Latte

Take your pick of homemade eggnog and store-bought, but don’t skip the Bailey’s-infused whipped cream.

8. Boozy Pumpkin Hot Chocolate

Are you Team Bourbon or Camp Kahlúa? We’re cool with either—all we know is we’re laying the caramel sauce on thick.

9. Holiday Spiced Wine

Treat yourself to a few special ingredients that might not already be in your pantry, like vanilla beans and star anise.

10. Honeycrisp And Bourbon Spiced Cider

It’s well worth making your own cider from honeycrisp apples, thanks to their signature sweet-tart flavor.

11. Maple Ginger Hot Toddy

Substitute traditional black tea for something more festive, like gingerbread spice tea. It’ll pair beautifully with your favorite Scotch or whiskey.

12. Hot Buttered Bourbon

Brown sugar, maple syrup and a slew of spices are whipped into the butter before it’s combined with the liquor.

13. Mulled White Wine

Sure, ’tis the season for red vino. But we have zero complaints about this alternative, made with dry white wine. Try it with Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc.

14. Bourbon-spiked Hot Chocolate

A dash of cornstarch and chopped chocolate make this sipper extra thick and creamy.

15. Cinnamon And Tequila Hot Chocolate

The aging process gives añejo tequila notes of vanilla, cinnamon and nuts. And it turns out those flavors pair perfectly with hot cocoa.

16. Mulled Wine

This party cocktail has a secret: two heaping cups of apple cider. Make some for you and a friend on the stovetop or mix a big batch in the slow cooker.

17. Adult Hot Chocolate

Whole milk and dark chocolate make it decadent, but all its magic lies in nutty Frangelico and Irish cream.

18. Smoked Whiskey Apple Cider Cocktail

The key? Lapsang souchong tea, a Chinese black tea that’s edgy, piney and super smoky.

19. Chili Cinnamon Bourbon Hot Toddy

The spiced cinnamon-maple simple syrup is as easy as reducing water, maple syrup and chili pepper on the stove.

20. Boozy Rum Horchata

Using unsweetened almond, coconut or rice milk will make this cocktail totally vegan. While horchata is often enjoyed cold, you can drink it warm, too.

21. Hot Buttered Bourbon

The spiced butter is made with cloves, cinnamon and ground ginger. When paired with bourbon, it makes for a silky-yet-spicy bev.

22. Kahlúa Hot Chocolate

Your kids are going to be beyond jealous of all those mini marshmallows. Too bad you can’t share, huh?

23. Spiced Rum Hot Toddy

Reduced pineapple or orange juice gives the drink lots of zing and tart sweetness.

24. Boozy Butterbeer

You’re a wizard—behind the bar, that is. Serve this one hot or cold.

25. Caramel Apple Hot Toddy

Meet one of the season’s most famous snacks, this time in liquid form. The secret is homemade honeycrisp apple syrup.

26. Dirty Horchata

No Latinx holiday party is complete without horchata, a cinnamon-spiced beverage made from rice. This one’s finished off with a few ounces of dark rum.

27. Buddy The Elf Cocktail

The recipe calls for this drink to be served cold, but we’re betting it tastes divine warm, too. Don’t forget the candy cane garnish.

28. Naughty And Nice Cinnamon Toddy

Our favorite thing about this recipe is that you probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen right this second.

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