Did You Know You Can Clean Your House with Vodka?

Scrubbing and scouring just got more boozy

We all know that baking soda and vinegar make great natural household cleaners. But vodka? Are you drunk? Turns out, this potent spirit can indeed be used to wipe down and disinfect all sorts of things. Here, five great ways to use it. Cheers!



Protect Houseplants

Clean dust and other particles off indoor plants with a rag dipped in tap water. Then dab the leaves with a vodka-soaked cotton ball to ward off aphids (aka: plant lice).



While the stench of vodka might not seem super appealing, it’s actually a great natural air freshener that surprisingly doesn’t smell like alcohol--just a clean, neutral scent. Fill a spray bottle with one part vodka to three parts water and use it to get rid of strong odors like smoke, stinky shoes and smelly foods.

Clean Caulking

Say goodbye to bathroom mold and mildew by filling a spray bottle with vodka, spritzing liberally and letting the mixture sit for a few minutes before wiping clean. This fix also doubles as a soap scum remover.



Got a mirror caked in hairspray? Soak a rag in vodka and wipe that puppy down. (Apply this same technique to glue left behind from stickers and labels.)


Bring Back Shine

And while you’ve got that rag out, use it to polish jewelry and cutlery, plus the chrome, porcelain and glass in bathroom fixtures. Then fix yourself a drink; you deserve it.

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