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If you don’t already own a Magic Eraser, you need to drop what you’re doing right now and head straight to the supermarket, the drugstore, Amazon, whatever, and get one this very minute. The sponge-like scrubber doesn't involve weird chemicals (like you might think) but is rather a fine abrasive foam that cuts through grease, grime and goo like no other. Here, 36 things you can use it on.


1. Stained tupperware

2. Greasy pans

3. Baseboard scuffs

4. The rubber soles of your sneakers

5. Coffee or tea stains left behind on a mug


6. Stains on your wall from that time you squashed a mosquito

7. Dry-erase boards that still show your grocery list circa 2014 Thanksgiving

8. Makeup stains on your smartphone

9. Food stains on your once-white laptop

10. You-don’t-even-know-what-food-group-that-is stains in the microwave


11. Jewelry

12. Silverware

13. Candelabras

14. Dishes

15. Wine glasses

16. Bathroom faucets


17. Sticky adhesive from price stickers

18. Mineral rings left in toilet bowls

19. Aluminum siding

20. Hubcaps

21. Grout

22. Mirrors


23. White plastic trash cans

24. White plastic patio furniture

25. Dried paint on door hinges

26. Stove hoods

27. Refrigerator shelves

28. Soap scum in your bathtub

29. Mildew in your bathtub

30. Rust in your bathtub


31. Swimming pool steps

32. Children’s toys

33. Children’s fingerprints on a wall

34. Errant crayon on a wall

35. Errant scuff marks on a floor

36. Errant dried nail polish on everything

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