Carrots are great: They’re crunchy, delicious and actually good for you. But news flash: You don’t have to peel them--as long as you give them a good scrub before eating. That said, if it floats your boat to peel before going to town on a bowl of hummus, go forth. But know that it’s an extra unnecessary chore in these three situations.

carrots juice

When you're juicing them

When it comes to juicing, all of the fruits and veggies you throw into your smoothie end up getting pulverized beyond recognition, so peeling in this case just isn’t really worth the time and effort. Plus, you most definitely want to drink up the nutrients right under the skin.

carrots stock

When you're making a stock with them

Homemade soup is delightful. But if you're just gonna toss the veggies you use to make the stock once it’s simmered, don’t waste your time peeling them. The flavor won’t be any different. 

carrots roasted

When you're roasting them

When you roast vegetables (yum), you’re cooking them at such a high temperature and for such a long time that you probably won’t even notice whether or not the skin is still on. You’ll only notice the rich, roasted and “why can’t I stop eating these carrots?” flavor.

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