50 Christmas Sides You Can Make in 40 Minutes or Less

Between opening presents, catching up with cousins and arguing with aunts, there’s enough to think about on Christmas. The last thing you should be doing during the holidays is spending the whole day at the stove. Instead, whip up a few of these quick and easy Christmas sides: They’re all ready in 40 minutes or less.

The Definitive Ranking of All the Classic Christmas Foods

1. Baked Gorgonzola Bites

Cheesy beyond belief.

2. Salami, Artichoke And Ricotta Pasta Salad

Who says pasta salad is only for the summertime? (Not us.)

3. Spicy Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Tossed in honey-Sriracha sauce, then roasted until caramelized.

4. Winter Citrus And Pomegranate Salad

Seriously refreshing (and gorgeous).

5. One-pot Mac And Cheese

If it’s cheese you want, it’s cheese you’re gonna get.

6. 5-minute Parmesan Ranch Broccoli

Barely more work than just serving the broccoli raw.

7. Cheesy Garlic Zucchini Rice

So creamy and delicious, and only one pot necessary.

8. Sweet Potato Hummus

Serve with crackers and fresh veggies for dipping.

9. Skillet Toasted Green Beans

Let's make sure the kids get a little green on their plates between all the sugar cookies and candy canes.

10. Cacio E Pepe Cauliflower

Whatever you do, don’t skimp on the pepper.

holiday sides shrimp
Gimme Some Oven

11. Garlicky Baked Shrimp

Sure beats cocktail shrimp and store-bought cocktail sauce.

12. Fried Mac And Cheese Balls

You need only five ingredients to make these delightful little bites.

13. 20-minute Mashed Potatoes

Yup, it doesn't get much easier than these.

14. Abundance Kale Salad With Savory Tahini Dressing

Just so you can say you ate something healthy in 2020.

15. Cheesy Garlic Bread

Yes, yes, a million times yes.

16. Sweet Potato Salad With Avocado Pesto

Bacon lovers: This one's for you.

17. Whole Roasted Carrots

A second helping? Don’t mind if we do.

holiday sides parmesanbrussels
Damn Delicious

18. Parmesan Brussels Sprouts

19. Garlic Parmesan Knots

Best enjoyed straight out of the oven.

20. Oven-roasted Beets And Potatoes

Pair with something braised and beefy.

21. Paleo Fried Green Tomatoes

BRB, drinking the remoulade dip straight from the bowl.

22. Gnocchi With Sausage And Broccoli Rabe

There's no such thing as too many carbs on Christmas.

23. Easy Grilled Parmesan Polenta Chips

Marginally healthier than the alternative. Every bit as delicious.

24. Lemony Roasted Asparagus

Honestly, we’d settle for lemony anything.

25. Smoked Gouda Potato Pancakes

Don’t forget the sour cream.

26. Parmesan Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Deceptively simple to make, and even easier to eat.

27. Quinoa And Vegetable Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Your vegetarian cousin will thank you.

28. Deviled Eggs 3 Ways

Roasted garlic, Sriracha or capers—which one will you pick?

29. Easy Creamed Spinach

A vegan take on a timeless classic.

30. Swiss Chard Au Gratin

Smothered in a creamy white sauce and topped with buttery breadcrumbs and decadent cheese.

31. Instant Pot Spicy Thai Butternut Squash Soup

The toughest part of the recipe is chopping the squash—the rest is total cake.

32. Brussels Sprouts Latkes

Offer your guests a tasty surprise by putting a reimagined Hanukkah classic on the table.

33. Prosciutto And Fig Salad Board

Not only does the cutting board look pretty, it also grants you easy access to all the toppings (unlike your favorite salad bowl).

34. 5-ingredient Red-wine Cranberry Sauce

It calls for a whole cup of dry red wine. Need we say more?

35. Cauliflower Rice

Because the last thing anyone wants to do on Christmas is wait for water to boil.

36. Keto Instant Pot Sausage-kale Soup

Swap sausage for kielbasa or kale for Swiss chard. The pressure cooker is your oyster.

37. Lemony Fried Brussels Sprouts

Did we mention they're buried in goat cheese and Parmesan?

38. Charred Cauliflower With Crunchy Garlic Chile Oil

Crunchy, smoky, sweet and slightly spicy. Chalk it up to holiday magic.

39. Cacio E Pepe Brussels Sprouts

You truly can't go wrong with butter, cheese and a ton of black pepper, huh?

40. Broccoli Rabe And Burrata With Lemon

Admit it: We had you at burrata.

41. Butternut Squash Fritters

We'll be topping ours with sour cream *and* apple sauce, thank you very much.

42. Bacon-wrapped Dates

Bacon rolled in dark brown sugar and baked until sticky and crispy is the stuff of dreams. (Well, ours, at least.)

43. "everything" Roasted Asparagus

No, we're *not* sick of everything bagel seasoning. Sorry not sorry.

44. Brussels Sprouts Skillet With Crispy Pancetta-garlic Bread Crumbs

Don't wait forever for the sprouts to crisp up in the oven. The garlic bread topping in this stovetop recipe provides all the crunch you crave.

45. Savory Monkey Bread

It's as simple as slicing a store-bought loaf and stuffing the cuts with pesto and mozzarella.

46. Vegan Green Bean Casserole

Trust us, you won't miss the dairy one bit.

47. Harissa And Honey-roasted Carrots

We've never met a yogurt moat we didn't like.

48. Make-ahead Vegetarian Gravy

Don't make the mashed potatoes brave your relatives alone.

49. Sugar Snap Pea Salad With Chèvre Ranch

Proof that goat cheese can do way more than cheese boards and salads.

50. Baked Sweet Potato Fries

We have a feeling these will be a hit at the kids' table.

Additional reporting by Alexandra Hough

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