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10 Things You Should Never Wear to a Holiday Party

Between all the office festivities, the random gatherings with friends and your in-laws’ annual Christmas party, you have a lot of dressing up to do this month. And while the dress code varies slightly for each event, there are some things that should never be worn. Period.

1. Anything too short. Unless it’s with a sensible pair of tights. And a whole lot of confidence.

2. Or too tight. You’ll thank us after the tenth tray of hors d’oeuvres comes around.

3. Or low-cut. This is a Christmas celebration—not a kegger on Frat Row.

4. Jangling jewelry that announces your presence. If your bangle stack can be heard over Mariah Carey, it’s probably too much.

5. Red and green together. Unless it’s ironic—in which case, commit so that it’s obvious.

6. Anything that’s seasonally inappropriate. No, this is not the time to wear your sundress over a turtleneck.

7. Anything suede or silk. Two words: Champagne kills.

8. The same thing you wear every day. Sure, the holidays are a hard time to splurge on new duds, but don’t default to your usual uniform of slacks and a blazer. Spice up your look—even if it’s as simple as adding a red lipstick and some earrings to the mix.

9. Shoes you can’t walk in. Because how on earth are you going to make it to and from that open bar all night?

10. Anything you can’t dance in. Not sure if something is “danceable”? Put it to the drop test—meaning, drop down (and get your eagle on) in said garment. After all, you never know when the DJ will surprise everyone with an ’80s Whitney banger. 

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