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Macarons: You know ’em. You love ’em. You order ’em en masse. But they’ve had their turn. It’s high time an equally worthy French treat, the canelé, stepped into the spotlight.

And a new bakery might just make that happen.

Canelé by Céline--while not the first in the city to bake the mini-Bundt-cake-looking custard buggers--is certainly the first to specialize in the classic pastry. Owner Céline Legros bucks tradition (by thinking beyond the standard rum and vanilla varieties that date back to 17th-century Bordeaux) and infuses hers with lemon, pistachio, raspberry, chocolate, truffle and even Parmesan cheese. The results are delightfully spongy and downright blissful.

Stop by the cheery Upper East Side storefront to sample a bite or order an assortment to be delivered straight to your face.

Canelé by Céline, 400 E. 82nd St. (at First Ave.); 646-678-4124 or

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