Will Hope Recover in ‘Virgin River’? New BTS Video Sparks Theory

We’re getting used to seeing the countless behind-the-scenes photos and videos that producers have shared on the official Virgin River Instagram account. However, we never realized the posts contain hidden clues about what’s to come in season four…until now.

Netflix recently shared a BTS video on social media, featuring several female cast members on their last day of filming. This includes Stacey Farber (Tara), Gwynyth Walsh (Jo Ellen), Nicola Cavendish (Connie), Christina Jastrzembska (Lydie), Teryl Rothery (Muriel) and—wait for it—Annette O’Toole (Hope).

The caption read, “Hope and the ladies…It’s a wrap for all on S4!!”

Hope fans will likely be pleased by the video, mainly because season three made us question whether the character would return for the new installment. Not only did the character make very few appearances, but she was also injured in a car accident while driving back to Virgin River.

Netflix hasn’t revealed any details about Hope’s story line, but many fans think this photo is a major hint. Although the Virgin River ladies hang out on a regular basis, perhaps there’s a hidden meaning behind the seating arrangements. For example, are Hope and Muriel becoming BFFs? It seems likely, especially since the actresses have been spending more time together on set.

Not to mention, showrunner Sue Tenney previously teased an upcoming heart-to-heart between the characters. “It starts as very antagonistic,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “[But] in the slow burn category, you’ll see moments coming up that are going to open up that relationship. [It’s] fun taking enemies and making them friendly.”

Virgin River season three concluded with loads of unanswered questions about Hope’s future, but based on the video, it seems she’s doing A-OK.

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