Kate Middleton’s Body Language in Denmark Is All ‘Business,’ According to an Expert

Kate Middleton has been all smiles during her two-day trip to Denmark. But is she putting on an act? Or is she *really* happy to be there?

We turned to body language expert Darren Stanton (on behalf of Betfair Casino), who analyzed photos of the Duchess of Cambridge before sharing his insight. He began by examining the royal’s arrival at the airport, where she seemed at ease when she greeted onlookers.

kate middleton body language denmark
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“Kate has become known for her warm and friendly presence, and this is visible as she is happy to interact with others around her and makes sure to wave to those looking on as she made her arrival,” Stanton tells PureWow. “She was seen smiling when exiting her vehicle and it’s clear she is showing a genuine happiness to have arrived in Copenhagen for her two-day visit.”

Stanton went on to say that Middleton’s body language radiated confidence. “While interacting with others at her first engagement, most people looking on—if they weren’t aware Kate was royalty—would naturally assume that she is the leader or boss within the room, purely from the way she holds herself,” he notes. “Her posture sees her standing upright, reaching out with a confident and firm handshake to ascertain her status.”

kate middleton body language handshake
IDA MARIE ODGAARD/Ritzau Scanpix/AFP/Getty Images

Stanton even commented on the placement of Middleton’s hand, adding, “You’ll notice that Kate has her hand on top when shaking hands with others—again, this is a sign of power and shows that others take her seriously as an established royal.”

kate middleton body language
Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage

Body language aside, Stanton also explains how the bright red color of Middleton’s blazer played a role. “Colors that people choose to wear for certain events and ceremonies are significant in how they are feeling emotionally. For Kate Middleton, red is definitely her go-to choice when she wants to be perceived as and feel powerful in her own right. It’s almost like her superhero outfit, allowing her to be all powerful yet on her own terms.”

Stanton continues, “Not only is her red blazer vibrant and out there, but it’s business-like too, suggesting she wants the world to know she is here to do business but in an empathetic and confident way. A bold and striking color, it is also a sure sign that Kate isn’t afraid to take center stage and have all eyes on her.”

It seems like Middleton will do A-OK as the future queen consort.

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