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Although it’s perfectly normal to fantasize about joining a nudist colony on a particularly sticky summer day, going braless (not to mention full birthday suit) isn’t really an option in our book. So we’ve learned to adapt. Here, five genius bra tricks for all your summer-clothing woes.

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Laura Wing and Jim Kamoosi

To Wash Your Bra

Sweaty girls (read: us all year long), take note. Your salad spinner is good for more than just a quick rinse of romaine. It's also a perfect makeshift washing machine for delicates.

Laura Wing and Jim Kamoosi

To Keep Your Strapless Bra in Place

’Tis the season of off-the-shoulder tops. Our favorite trick to keep your strapless number from migrating to your belly button? Loop an extra strap around your torso to add reinforcement to the band of your bra.

sports bra yoga

To Wash Your Sports Bra

Those outdoor yoga sessions feel fabulous at this time of year, but doing twice-weekly laundry just for fitness gear? Not so much. Instead, bring your bra in the shower with you. Your to-do list will thank you.

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bra paperclip

To Fake a Racerback Bra in a Pinch

Got a slim-cut tank top that plays peekaboo with your bra straps? Use a paper clip to hook both straps behind your shoulder blades. (Bonus: This also works when you need some extra push-up action.)

bra backless

To Wear a Backless Top or Dress

Just because you don't want to go braless (or deal with those chicken-cutlet-type "sticky boobs") doesn't mean you can't rock a low-back or backless number in the summer heat. Instead, opt for a tasteful bralette with a racerback or pretty strap details.

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