If you want a rounder butt, you can do millions of squats. If you want bigger boobs, you can, ahem, go to a doctor's office. If you want longer legs, though, you’re out of luck. Unless, of course, you create an optical illusion with one of these seven outfits, all of which help you fake Karlie Kloss-like stems.

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outfits that make your legs look longer wearing all one color

Wear All One Color

A monochromatic outfit creates a long line and makes you look taller automatically. This works for pretty much any color, but an all-black ensemble has the extra perk of being slimming and lengthening.

Get the look: Target top ($16); J.Crew pants ($158); Sam Edelman sandals ($100)

outfits that make your legs look longer cropped jacket
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Try a Cropped Jacket

Can you tell where her torso ends and her legs begin? Because we can’t, and that’s the point. Since jackets typically hit at your natural waist, raising the hem a bit makes it look like your waist is much higher than it actually is. This works with higher-cut pants, but we love the additional waist-locating confusion that a looser dress causes.

Get the look: Milly dress ($795); Maje jacket ($325); Gucci sneakers ($550)

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outfits that make your legs look longer nude shoes

Match Your Shoes to Your Skin Tone

Get your feet in the game by visually extending the length of your legs down to your soles without a break in color. Nude flats can do the trick, but for maximum lengthening, opt for heels (especially if they’ve got a point toe) and sandals (with minimal straps).

Get the look: BB Dakota dress ($110); Steve Madden sandals ($90)

outfits that make your legs look longer high waist pants

Favor High-Waist Silhouettes

A general rule of thumb for making your legs look longer: Choose bottoms that hit above your natural waist. By faking a higher waistline, your legs look like they begin at least a few inches before they actually do. To really go all out with this, pick pants that sweep the ground and then, of course, wear heels underneath.

Get the look: Jonathan Simkhai top ($385); Alice + Olivia pants ($320)

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outfits that make your legs look longer high waist pants crop top1

Pair a High-Waist with a Cropped Top

We’ve already praised high-waist pants for their uncanny ability to make you look taller, but to double-down, pair yours with a slightly cropped top, which makes your torso look shorter (therefore making your legs look longer).

Get the look: Topshop top ($35); Zara jacket ($70) and pants ($40)

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outfits that make your legs look longer vertical stripes

Consider Vertical Stripes

Time to ditch the horizontal stripes (sorry, nautical dresses). Vertical stripes will do you far more favors, as they draw the eye up and down, creating the illusion of longer limbs. Add to that a higher cut and flattering midi length, and you’re basically a model.

Get the look: Finders Keepers top ($75); Gucci skirt ($1,390); Manolo Blahnik pumps ($595)

outfits that make you look taller high boots

Pick Taller Boots

OK, so this outfit will have to wait until fall and winter, but knee-high or over-the-knee boots are kind of magic when it comes to making your gams look modelesque. Wear yours with a miniskirt, or try tucking in a pair of skinny jeans (bonus points if they’re darker, like the boots) to make your calves look, like, twice their real length.

Get the look: Halston Heritage sweater ($98); ASOS Curve skirt ($26); Stuart Weitzman boots ($798)

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