Fashion conundrums usually feel like a grass-is-always-greener situation. Tall girls must have it easier, right? Not when it comes to cropped pants. All shapes and sizes feel the same pain. The trick is: Don't think in specific inches, but rather, work within your proportions. Here, we've got five great examples everyone can follow.

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Never Let the Hem Hit Higher Than Your Calf Muscle

Flex your foot. Feel where the bulk of your calf tapers off into your Achilles'? That's exactly where your pants should hit, if not lower. (Any higher and you run into Florida-retiree-capri-pant territory.) 

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Drop the Hem Closer to Your Ankle With Slim Pants

A skinny cropped pant that hovers around the kneecap feels dated. A skinny cropped pant that skims the ankle feels modern and fresh. Then, pair your peg legs with a loafer or other substantial flat to bring balance. (A pointy heel and skinny jean is too 2012.)

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Show Off Your Heels With a Wide-Leg Cropped Pant

On the other hand, a flowy culotte is the ideal vehicle for a festive heel. Overall, fashion is more relaxed right now. So if you have a baggy pant, you can balance it with a sharp shoe. But try not to wear a sharp pant with a sharp shoe.

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But Feel Confident in a Flat Shoe With a Boxy Pant

We recognize that heels aren't always realistic. So it's perfectly acceptable to wear a flat shoe with a wide pant. Just, again, make sure the shoe is hearty (not flimsy like a flip-flop) to balance out proportions in a modern way.

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Always Keep the Overall Look Minimal

Whether peg-leg or wide-leg, your cropped pants should always feel crisp and color-blocked. It's not that we have anything against whimsical patterns, but if you're concerned with pulling off these looks, know that it just requires a bit more finesse. When in doubt, stick to solids.

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