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For the second year in a row, Google has put out a fashion trends report. And while it?s not the be-all and end-all where style is concerned (merely an indicator of what everyone is interested in), it does shed some light on what we can edit out and add to our wardrobes. In this case: what to buy, what to keep wearing and what to toss.

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You Should Buy: A Bomber Jacket
This cool style is comfortable, chic and, per Google, on the rise. Whether in a quilted black or a printed silk, expect to see a lot more of these in the coming months. They’re here to stay, so grab one now. (We’re all about this understated classic from Superdry and this louder floral version from Zara.)

You Should Keep Wearing: Off-the-Shoulder Tops
But not necessarily invest in any new ones. According to Google, cold-shoulder tops are in for now (likely from their mega popularity this summer) but aren’t ticking upward. So keep rocking your faves, but with fall here, maybe don’t shell out any more money on them.

You Should Donate: Anything Sheer
Google says see-through pieces are on the way out, and we can’t say we’re sad to see them go. From the omnipresent naked dress (celebs) to intentional bra flashing (average layfolks), this showy style was never really our thing anyway.

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