In a subtle nod to '90s grunge, fishnets are fall’s latest fashion revival. While you may have reserved this type of hosiery for your Halloween ensemble, get hip to the fact that they’re gaining major street-style steam on Pinterest. (The netted tights are up 319 percent in saves.) So, to help you work them into your rotation, here are seven surprisingly wearable iterations on the trend. (And for more fall styling tips, head to our Fall Fashion board.)

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Moto Jacket + Midi Skirt + Ankle Boots

A denim A-line midi and full-coverage booties allow for just the right amount of fishnet exposure. Pair it with a leather jacket and embellished bag for a look that’s equally edgy and sophisticated.  

fishnet green sweater
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Cropped Jeans + Mules

If you’d like to limit your fishnet spotlight even more, consider them in an ankle-sock version. It’s been the street-style accessory du jour, and all it requires are pants that are just a few inches shorter than the top of the socks.

fishnet culotte
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Culottes + Black Pumps

If you thought it was impossible to try fishnets at work, think again. A peek of netting under starched pants is an age-appropriate way to punch up your office attire. Then, keep it classic with black pumps on bottom. (Gold stilettos optional; just steer clear of a bunch of straps or ties.)

fishnet trackpants
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Knit Top + Track Pants + Sock Booties

Athleisure is our favorite excuse to wear sweatpants to brunch. And this is the comfiest way to experiment in the name of fashion. Add an unexpected element to your sporty getup by layering fishnets under half-buttoned break-away pants. And bonus points for finishing off the look with some on-trend sock booties.

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fishnet miniskirt
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Tweed Coat + Leather Miniskirt + Taupe Flats

Extend your summer wardrobe by wearing micro-textured tights under a beloved miniskirt. Style them with a knee-length coat to fight the evening chill, while still clinging to those warm afternoons. 

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fishnet coat jeans
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Ripped Jeans + Sneakers

Distressed-denim lovers, take note. Fishnets give your favorite jeans a slight punk vibe and help shield bare knees (even if just a little bit) from fall temps. 

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fishnet midi skirt
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Faux Fur Coat + Pleated Midi Skirt + Buckled Boots

Working fishnets into an already over-the-top outfit is a great way to try another one of this year’s major trends: maximalism. Go bold by experimenting with textures, colors and embellishments, and suddenly you’ve added a heavy dose of drama to your fall wardrobe. 

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