6 Women on the Workout Gear That Helps Them Go the Extra Mile

No two seasons are alike when it comes to working out—and the winter can be especially difficult to manage when it comes to the cold weather. Icy legs? Slipping waistbands? We shudder at the thought. Luckily, Under Armour’s line of ColdGear activewear is designed with infrared technology and super-soft ColdGear fabric to reflect your body’s energy for better performance and a breathable stretch—all while keeping you nice and warm. Perhaps indoor fitness is more your wintery speed? The UA Meridian line delivers a unique type of softness that can still wick sweat like a champ. And both are worn and loved by some of the women who know fitness best. Below, six of them dish on why they choose Under Armour to keep them moving and comfortable all winter long.

1. The Woman Who Felt Extra Confident

Alexandra Mack is a model, athlete and runner who’s put her fair share of cold weather gear to the test. “Most that I’ve experienced tends to be thick or bulky in fit, or can be too warm or not warm enough,” she says. “Under Armour has perfectly crafted fit and warmth, so you can set out for your workout without worrying about layers or body temperature.

“I just started my training for the 2022 Boston Marathon and as these months begin to get colder and colder, my motivation to hit the streets dwindles. I was so excited to try the Under Armour RUSH ColdGear, as I’ve been struggling to find good cold weather gear; so I decided to go for an early morning run to test it out. The ColdGear kept me so warm, but also felt very breathable, so when my run got tough, I didn’t have to worry about shedding layers. The clothes’ fit and functionality (the pockets were clutch!) allowed me to focus on the task at hand—not my outfit. Not to mention, it’s super cute.”

To sum it up: “When wearing my UA clothing I feel confident, comfortable and empowered,” says Alexandra.

2. The Woman Who Finally Found Her Perfect Fit

Living in Connecticut, online fitness coach Juliana Capozziello is no stranger to chilly winter workouts. So athletic clothing that provides a comfortable temperature between the cold air and the heat her body builds as she does burpees, jumping lunges and sprints is crucial. “Going into my outdoor HIIT workout I knew I needed comfort, flexibility, cooling elements and high quality,” she says.

“I’ve worn many different brands and styles and none, I repeat none, rival the fit of the UA ColdGear line. This is the first pair of leggings I’ve owned that doesn’t roll during intense workouts or runs. I didn’t have to adjust them once. I also wasn’t worried they’d show sweat after my HIIT workout. I find that with other apparel, you either get comfortable yet not supportive, or supportive yet not comfortable. With the UA line I got both.

“I LOVED the feel of the leggings and top against my skin,” Juliana continues. “It was soft, not itchy at all and complemented my figure. The leggings were very flattering, and the top was formfitting but not suffocating. The apparel did a great job in regulating my temperatures and kept my cool during the high intensity workout.

“I love UA’s constant support of military and veterans and great customer service. Their products are top-notch quality and worth every penny. I feel my best in UA!”

3. The Woman Staying Active During The Holidays

The real reason Jenny Jaucian works out? To feel strong, confident and like the best version of herself—three qualities the Under Armour Meridian line provides. “I wore my Under Armour Meridian leggings and Infinity bra to teach my cardio and strength fitness classes, and I loved how soft the leggings were. They weren’t too snug around the waist and the pant length was just right. As a shorter gal (5’3”), I usually have to fold the bottom of the leggings because they’re too long. But with these, they were perfectly hemmed right above my ankles,” the fitness expert and health coach explains.

In terms of fit, Jenny says, “sometimes other clothes are just too tight around the areas where you need some extra wiggle room (like your underarms and waist). I felt that this outfit provided comfort in those areas, while still holding everything together. And I loved the shape of the sports bra. It was supportive and not too tight. I feel confident, sexy and proud to show off my athleticism.”

4. The Woman Who Loves To Challenge Herself

Fitness influencer Valencia Corleto’s usual gym apparel is shorts, until winter hits and she slips into leggings to combat the cold. But often, her legs still feel the icy air outside—that is, until she tried leggings from the Under Armour RUSH ColdGear line while challenging herself to an outdoor sweat sesh. “I wore the Under Armour outfit for a leg and ab workout outside. The days have been shorter and winter is settling in, but throughout my workout I was super warm and comfortable...even before my initial warm-up. My friend came to help me record, and as soon as we stepped onto the field, they were freezing. That was when I realized the UA RUSH outfit was keeping me nice and warm.

“The quality of the material is top-tier,” says Valencia. “Not only was I unaffected by the cold, but the set wasn’t constricting and allowed me to move freely during my workout.”

But the appeal of the UA RUSH ColdGear line doesn’t stop with its superior temp control: “I love the details on the set! Especially the thumbholes on the top and pockets on the leggings. They’re perfect for working out, but I could also see myself using them to stay warm while doing day-to-day errands too. While wearing them, I feel confident, comfortable and free,” Valencia says.

5. The Woman Motivated By Good Gear

MaryKate Schmidt is the creator of the “Movement by MK” live and on-demand fitness classes. Her high-intensity training means the athletic clothing she wears needs to be dependable. “I love Under Armour and always have; the clothing makes me feel so powerful and confident. It always fits perfectly and is great for my HIIT-style training because it hugs all the right places.

“I like the high waistband on the UA Meridian leggings the most, and how supportive the bra is. My workouts tend to be more plyometric focused, so it’s great that I don’t have to worry about adjusting my clothes the entire workout. I can move freely in Under Armour,” MaryKate says.

Her love of the UA brand is well-known: “I would definitely recommend Under Armour to a friend. In fact, my four sisters and mom always buy UA after seeing me wear it!”

6. The Woman Who Values Support

Danielle Gray’s experience as a gymnast, model and fitness trainer means she knows exactly what counts when it comes to athletic wear. Which is why she sings the praises of the UA Meridian line and Infinity bra: “The leggings are functional and super comfy compared to some that have a seam in an inconvenient place, which can leave lines and marks on your legs. The Infinity bra has an almost custom fit because of its adjustability on the band and the straps. (Pro tip: Make sure the bra fits on the loosest setting when sizing for the ability to tighten it the longer you own it!)”

As for how they held up during a session, Danielle says, “I feel supported literally and metaphorically. The outfit hugs without suffocating. It lifts without compressing. I wore these to work out and film some exercises for my ‘Train Like a Gymnast’ app, and then didn’t feel like changing because I was so comfortable. So I just added a shirt and some layers and headed out to a restaurant for a former student’s birthday party. I even bonded with other party guests about our style choices!”

“I feel safe and proud to know my family at Under Armour has my back and supports my goals of being a successful, hardworking, healthy, inspirational female business owner and fitness figure.”