7 Vegan Clothing Brands You Need in Your Closet

It’s always been a tough go for women who care about animals and fashion. But the days of being relegated to rope sandals, canvas totes and dresses that look like burlap sacks are finally over. Plenty of brands are realizing that you don’t need actual animal-based materials like leather, suede and fur to look fashion-forward. So we rounded up seven vegan-friendly clothing brands that are proving that to be true.

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vegan clothing brands harper lange
Harper Lange

1. Harper Lange

This online boutique is not only committed to a free-spirited, boho aesthetic but also to being 100-percent vegan and cruelty-free. It carries a varied selection of breezy tops and dresses just begging to be worn with a pair of microfiber fringe booties. Alongside the apparel, you’ll find a small selection of on-trend jewelry (like chokers and lariats) and a tightly edited roundup of shoes.

Harper Lange dress ($128)

vegan clothing brands people tree sweater
People Tree

2. People Tree

If anyone tells you this is all a fad, direct them to this 25-year-old British company, which has won award after award for being on the cutting edge of sustainability. And for good reason: It follows the principles of Fair Trade in every aspect of its business, from the materials to the dyeing methods to the artisans. But despite all of this, the line is filled with truly chic pieces that would lend an effortless vibe to the outfits of even the coolest downtown chicks.

People Tree sweater ($264)

vegan clothing brands matt nat bagpng
Matt & Nat

3. Matt & Nat

It’s one thing to be a vegan handbag line; it’s another to be a vegan handbag line for which leaving animals out of the equation is secondary only to style. The impeccably designed bags, wallets and even briefcases actually look like the real thing—so much so that it recently added boots, sneakers, heels and belts to its minimalist lineup.

Matt & Nat satchel ($140)

vegan clothing brands olsenhaus heel

4. Olsenhaus

A purely vegan shoe brand that has office- and evening-appropriate staples is a rare find. Styles like classic pumps, streamlined ballet flats and ladylike slingbacks aren’t exactly what you imagine when you think of vegan fashion. But that changed with Olsenhaus, founded in 2008 by Elizabeth Olsen to prove that animal cruelty does not have to be synonymous with style.

Olsenhaus heel ($165)

vegan clothing brands cri de ceour boot
Cri de Coeur

5. Cri De Coeur

This brand’s mission is to “change the face of the fashion industry by providing stylish, contemporary products that are ethically produced,” and it’s safe to say it's accomplishing what it set out to do. The line of handbags and shoes consists of high-quality vegan materials, including Ultrasuede made from recycled plastics, and the brand’s designers only work with vendors who share the same ideals.

Cri de Coeur boot ($90)

vegan clothing brands delikate rayne
Delikate Rayne

6. Delikate Rayne

With a self-proclaimed “grunge-glam” aesthetic, Delikate Rayne somehow manages to be both edgy and animal-free—two things that don’t often go together. All of its garments are made in the U.S. using cruelty-free fabrics, an ode to the designers’ lifelong commitment to vegetarianism.

Delikate Rayne skirt ($295)

vegan clothing brands stella mccartney
Stella McCartney

7. Stella Mccartney

The high-end, luxury beacon of vegan fashion is, of course, Stella McCartney. The British designer created a fully vegetarian brand that doesn’t use leather, skins, furs or feathers—not even fish glue, a commonly used adhesive to hold materials together. And considering that McCartney ranks among top designers regardless of ethical standards, it's pretty impressive that she's done all this without sacrificing one ounce of style.

Stella McCartney coat ($1,795)

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