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After a hot and steamy October (could there be a worse phrase?), we have some good news.

It?s sweater season. Cue the apple-cider doughnuts.

Now before you run out in hopes of scooping up a trendy poly/rayon/who-the-heck-knows-what-fabric-that-is pullover, we suggest you take a look at local newcomer Ivory Row.

Offering a brand-new line of exclusively cashmere knits, Ivory Row is a far cry from fast fashion (no pilling sweaters here). The styles are timeless and the fit is even better--to be expected from a design duo that has done some serious research. (FYI: Did you know it takes four years for a cashmere goat to grow enough fur for one sweater?)

But what?s the difference between Ivory Row and your average luxury designer? The price tag is just as cushy as the fabric. With a direct-to-consumer business model, similar to the likes of Warby Parker, Ivory Row removes the brick-and-mortar middleman to give you a product that?s high-end yet more affordable than that Proenza knit you've been coveting.

We?re particularly smitten with the Cozy Turtleneck ($225) and Boyfriend Ombré Cardigan ($295), but who can deny a classic Cable ($275) with a printed midi skirt and tights?

Welcome to fall.

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