Not sure what to binge-watch next? Just take a page from one of your neighbors’ books. A recent report from identified the most viewed show on Netflix in every single state. It’s pretty much a cheat sheet for keeping up with the Joneses. (You’re welcome.)

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Alabama: Bloodline

Alaska: Orange Is the New Black

Arizona: Orange Is the New Black

Arkansas: Scandal

California: Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Colorado: House of Cards

Connecticut: Bloodline

Delaware: Shameless

Florida: Bloodline

Georgia: Scandal

Hawaii: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Idaho: Stranger Things

Illinois: Making a Murderer

Indiana: Parks and Recreation

Iowa: Scandal

Kansas: Jane the Virgin

Kentucky: The Walking Dead

Louisiana: Scandal

Maine: Nurse Jackie

Maryland: Scandal

Massachusetts: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Michigan: Orange Is the New Black

Minnesota: Making a Murderer

Mississippi: Scandal

Missouri: Scandal

Montana: Peaky Blinders

Nebraska: Orange Is the New Black

Nevada: Narcos

New Hampshire: Bloodline

New Jersey: Narcos

New Mexico: Orange Is the New Black

New York: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

North Carolina: Scandal

North Dakota: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Ohio: Scandal

Oklahoma: Orange Is the New Black

Oregon: Portlandia

Pennsylvania: Shameless

Rhode Island: Peaky Blinders

South Carolina: Bloodline

South Dakota: Making a Murderer

Tennessee: Gilmore Girls

Texas: Narcos

Utah: Gilmore Girls

Vermont: New Girl

Virginia: House of Cards

Washington: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

West Virginia: American Horror Story

Wisconsin: Fuller House

Wyoming: iZombie

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