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PSA: We women are totally awesome. But every so often, we catch ourselves wondering about what it would be like to worry less, care less, stress less…you know...the way guys do. Here, 27 things men never think twice about--and you shouldn't either.


1. “Is my dress too short?”

2. “Is my top too tight?”

3. “Is my skirt stuck in my tights?”

4. “Is my arm jiggle out of control?”

5. “Wait, how do her thighs not touch?”

6. “And what did that guy on the street just yell at me?”


7. “Do my coworkers think I'm too aloof?"

8. “Does my boss think I'm too social?"

9. “Am I talking too much in this meeting?”

10. “Will I look greedy if I ask for a raise?”

11. “Will I sound bossy if I tell Ted to finish the spreadsheet by Monday?”

12. “If I go to my kid’s soccer thing instead of the investor meeting, will everyone thing I’m a bad employee?”

13. “If I go to the investor meeting instead of my kid's soccer thing, will everyone think I'm a bad mom?”


14. “Is Gina not texting me back because she hates me?”

15. “Is Gina not texting me back because she’s embarrassed by me?”

16. “Is Gina not texting me back because I said that thing about her ex-boyfriend’s cat?”

17. “Is Gina dead?”

18. “Should I text Gina one more time just to check in?”


19. “Will everyone judge me if I put out store-bought muffins?”

20. “Will my children turn out stupid if I let them eat refined sugar?”

21. “Will I look like a heifer if I order the nachos?”

22. “Can I eat this banana without looking like a porn star?”


23. “Did I put on too much bronzer?”

24. “Am I wearing too little mascara?”

25. “Should I use a night cream?”

26. “Ugh, is that another wrinkle?”

27. “Is body hair inherently shameful?”


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