Spacey. Murray. Pacino. Samberg. It's a good month for binging on some of your weirdest crushes. (Admit it.) Let's see what's on tap this month.


“House of Cards” (Season 4)

Does Frank win the election? Does Claire really leave? Does Doug become a full-blown sociopath? Gah, we can't wait! (Available March 4)


“Pee-wee's Big Holiday”

Everyone's favorite '80s weirdo reappears in a Netflix original movie. Sure, it's another road trip farce, but if it ain't broke? (Available March 18)


“Netflix Presents: The Characters” (Season 1)

Eight rising comedians are each given one 30-minute episode to do whatever the hell they want. Like a Bachelor parody. (Available March 11)


“Flaked” (Season 1)

Will Arnett takes a break from voicing BoJack Horseman to team up with Netflix on another series--this one about recovering addict in Venice. (Available March 11)


“Groundhog Day”

Maybe a month late. But always a classic. (Available March 1)

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Full permission to quote incessantly. (Available March 1)


“Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”

Full permission to drool incessantly. (Available March 1)


“Good Burger”

Step right up and get your pre-SNL-'90s-Kenan nostalgia fix. And maybe enlighten your nieces and nephews. (March 1)


“Adult Beginners”

You may not have heard of this one, but Rose Byrne and Nick Kroll's indie-festival darling is a great rainy-day watch. (Available March 1)


“Cuckoo” (Seasons 1 and 2)

You also may not have realized that Andy Samberg starred on a little BBC show about a straight-laced Brit who falls for an American hippie. (Available March 3)

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