Guys, Theres a Farm in Virginia Thats Hiring Goat Cuddlers

You’re proficient at Microsoft Word. Your phone skills are totally on point. But, be honest, do you think your job history has left you equipped to handle cuddling adorable newborn baby goats? If yes, Caromont Farm wants to know.

The farm--located in Esmont, Virginia--just posted the best job opening of all time: They’re looking for volunteers (with a flexible schedule) who can swing by to cuddle and care for about 90 baby goats, due to arrive by mid-February.

Specific tasks include bottle feeding the infant goats (they need to be fed at least four times a day) and dressing them in small goat-sized sweaters that need to be worn on the regular to ensure they stay warm.

Why invest all this energy in goat lovin’? Apparently it helps them grow up to be big and strong and also produce delicious cheeses.

Goat cuddling and cheese? Look, it’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

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