Remember that Academy Award winner who has fallen not once but twice at the Oscars? Well, Jennifer Lawrence has really upped her game, poise-wise, in her recent red carpet publicity barrage. We’ve taken a few cues from her on how to pose and wear makeup for photos--because if our imaginary ride-or-die best girlfriend can look pretty and happy on a press tour, we can hack a family dinner snapshot.

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Shoulders Forward

Here Lawrence modifies that age-old mom wisdom about always keeping your shoulders back--she holds them back, then pushes them forward a bit so the collarbones get all defined.

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Arms Out

For heaven’s sake, float your arms away from your body a bit so your limbs don’t look like a fallen tree trunk. Lawrence has gotten the memo in this shot, but not her costar Jena Malone (to the far left, next to Natalie Dormer). This video explains exactly how it's done. 

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Wear Foundation

You’ll probably be hit with harsh camera flashes under unflattering indoor light, so make your skin as perfect looking as possible with Make Up Forever Ultra HD foundation ($43), which is made for professional photo shoots.

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Sport a Bold Lip

Bright reds, pinks and corals, topped with a bit of gloss, will add color and plumpness to your smile.

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Squinch Your Eyes

This red-carpet standby facial pose is a modified squint that takes a bit of practice in front of a mirror.

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Take a Test Selfie

Before you leave home or your guests arrive, take a test selfie to see how your makeup is reading on camera, then adjust as you see fit. Or have a rabid fan hold the camera, whichever works for you.

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