When we heard the news that Monica Geller (whoops, Courteney Cox) was Rachel Green’s (er, Jennifer Aniston’s) maid of honor at her super-secret wedding, we got a little choked up, OK?

In honor of their 21-year Friends-ship, here are ten things they taught us.

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It's ok for a true friend to crash...indefinitely

Question: Did Rachel ever pay rent?


You can be yourself around them

Awkward dance moves, chain belts and vertical bangs included.


You're always on the same team

Except momentarily when you lose your joint apartment in a bet.


A real friend is your safety net

Or your emergency contact. Or your insurance-fraud conspirer. Or your voice of reason when insurance-fraud conspiring goes wrong.


They see your lowest point--and join you

Wedding dresses and beers it is.


They know how to protect your feelings

Mmm…beef-and-peas trifle.


They trust your expertise

It’s all in the listening.


Real friends make each other laugh

Even when you’re right in the middle of stress-cleaning.


Real friends make each other cry

Like when you announce, “Now I have to live with a boyyy.”


They're pros at cheering you on

'Cause they’re there for you. (Sorry, we had to.)

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