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Demi Moores 3-Minute Trick to Looking Incredible

Life's hard on the ol' bones. And we'd all like to find the miracle trick for feeling (and looking) refreshed. Just like, say, eternal young person Demi Moore.

What do you do? Pray? Cast a spell? Nope. You freeze. It's called cryotherapy, a trendy treatment during which you spend three minutes in a minus-250-degree chamber. Sound crazy? It kind of is. Here’s what you need to know. 

It's futuristic. Cryotherapy is the use of extremely low temperatures as a medical treatment. A session typically lasts three minutes and involves standing in a cryosauna, a cylindrical chamber that's open at the top (read: OK for claustrophobics). The air around you is cooled by liquid nitrogen (but never comes into contact with your body). Think of it as a really intense, totally dry, standing ice bath. 

It’s not exactly new. But it is hot (pun intended) right now. Developed in the ’70s as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, current-day cryotherapy is used to reduce inflammation, improve athletic performance and, yes, reduce the signs of aging. Oh, it also apparently torches up to 800 calories per minutes-long session. 

It’s bearable. As horrible as it initially sounds, it shockingly doesn’t feel that cold. When we tried it, our body was numb, but not uncomfortably so. You wouldn’t want to hang out for an extended period of time, but each treatment typically lasts just three minutes. We left the chamber after feeling more refreshed than frozen.

It’s fashionable. From Demi Moore to Dancing with the Stars' Derek Hough to soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo (who has a cryosauna in his house), celebs have been flocking to the chilly method to look, feel and move their best. While it's not everywhere (yet?), cryotherapy is available in larger cities like NYC, L.A., Chicago and Dallas

Hey, if it means looking like this at 52 (or hell, even at 32), we're game.

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