There’s a ‘Game of Thrones’ Theory About the Seven Deadly Sins, and It Could Predict the Show’s Ending

Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth.

The seven deadly sins are a classification of vices born from Christian teachings, but they may also be the key to the ending of Game of Thrones (stay with us, we promise it’ll be worth it).

According to one Reddit user, Lobcity414, each house in Game of Thrones represents one of these cardinal sins:

House Tyrell: Greed
House Baratheon: Rage
House Targaryen: Envy
House Martell: Gluttony
House Frey (or Greyjoy, doesn’t matter): Sloth 
House Stark: Pride
House Lannister: Lust

So, what are the White Walkers? This theorist posits that the Night King and his legions of undead are actually akin to Noah’s Flood (if we take this biblical allegory thing a step further). According to the theory, the White Walkers have been sent to carry out the Old Gods’ will—that is, to kill off the seven deadly sins in the form of the Great Houses of Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms and destroy all of humankind save for a precious few (just like the flood from the Book of Genesis).

But why would the Old Gods be mad at these houses? Perhaps because Westeros has forgotten about them, and have started worshipping new gods (the Seven, the Lord of Light, etc.). The theory would mean, then, that the Night King isn’t actually evil as we think of him, but just a tool the Old Gods are using as a means to an end.

Even GoT showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss said the Night King was just a “force of destruction” on the show (not really good or bad) in an interview with Deadline from 2016. “The Night King doesn’t have a choice; he was created in that way, and that’s what he is,” Weiss and Benioff wrote in an email interview. “In some ways, he’s just Death, coming for everyone in the story, and for all of us.”

The ending, then, may see nearly everyone on the show die (if the Night King carries out his task). And, with that, we’ll be over here sobbing all the way through April 14.


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