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Ahh, ketchup. The humble condiment best known for taking hot dogs and fries to the next level. It turns out, though, that the buck doesn’t stop there. Here are four more ways to use it.

Polish silver jewelry

Be honest, is the main reason you don’t wear the majority of your jewelry that it’s tarnished? Then this one’s for you, because all you need to get your favorite bracelet nice and shiny is a little bit of ketchup. That was easy.

ketchup hair

Fix your highlights

Sometimes blonde hair gets a weird greenish tint as a result of highlights. For a quick fix that doesn’t involve shelling out more money for a salon touchup, use ketchup, which neutralizes any green. Just work a small amount into your hair, leave on for five to ten minutes and rinse.

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ketchup packets
Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg News

Soothe minor scrapes

OK, so you need ketchup packets for this one, but still. Store these guys in the freezer and use them like little mini ice packs the next time you skin your knee from tripping up the escalator. (Hey, it could happen to anyone.)

ketchup pancakes

Make cool things

After you’ve fixed your hair and cleaned your jewelry, you’re left with an empty bottle. But ketchup’s work isn’t done yet. The bottle can actually be used for a number of projects, from creating perfectly round pancakes to making kid-friendly paint.

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